Coming Friday: A Taste of Edmonds, what you need to know

Taste of Edmonds favorite The Beatniks will play from 8:30-10 p.m. Friday night in the Taste Beer Garden.
Taste of Edmonds favorite The Beatniks will play from 8:30-10 p.m. Friday night in the Taste Beer Garden.

A Taste of Edmonds, presented each year by the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce, marks its 31st anniversary with festivities running this Friday-Sunday, Aug. 9-11.

The third-largest three-day festival in the state of Washington, the Taste has been listed as one of the “Top 100 North American Festivals.” It features arts and crafts, kids rides, 35 food vendors, three stages of entertainment, roving entertainers, and beer and wine gardens.

Hours: Friday & Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Location: Civic Playfield, 310 6th Ave. N., (6th & Bell Street) in downtown Edmonds

Admission: General Admission $4 at the gates (ages 13 and up). Ages 12 and under are free.

Dogs: Dogs are not allowed per city ordinance.

Handicap access: All three entrances are accessible to those with disabilities; portable bathrooms have handicap access and most vendor booths are on a hard surface. Handicap parking is available outside entrances on a first-come, first-served basis.

You can download the entire Taste of Edmonds program here.


  1. For those who remember the first days of the Taste of Seattle at Greenlake, it’s difficult to watch these things morph, food-wise, to the lowest possible common denominator. While the festive aspect (music, comedy, games, plays, etc.) of these things has actually gotten better and better (kudos to the respective city councils for that), fine dining has all but been forgotten. Now we get fast food joints, fair food, and strip mall restaurants (some of which, I’ll admit, can be quite good!). Used to be places like Salty’s, Daniel’s, Dahlia Lounge, or even Red Robin (back in the Klingen days)…… wish we could get back to that, but also understand that it became prohibitively expensive for those restaurants to participate. I’d give anything for someone to organize a high-end “bite” that is, perhaps a little smaller, more expensive, but really for the foodie.


  2. Doug, I share your sense of frustration and nostalgia. I’ll add that despite two fine Edmonds breweries (soon to be three), the Taste is serving Bud Light, which in my opinion does not even deserve to be called beer.

    This is surprising to me, given that the event is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, whose mission is to promote member businesses.

    There is something positive we can do to help change this. There are five excellent local restaurants that will be at the Taste. You really can’t go wrong with any of them. If you’d like to see more local participation, consider patronizing one or more of these this weekend, especially if you’ve never visited them:

    Arnies Restaurant
    Celtic Cowboy BBQ
    Demetri’s Woodstone Taverna
    Kafe Neo
    Scotty’s NW


    • I SO agree they should serve LOCAL beer and wine…I myself work for 2 local wineries and was really upset to see Bud and Mikes hard lemonade!


  3. Doug,
    You could do a walk just like for the third Thursday art walk. Then there would less cost for some of the vendors and just close down the downtown streets for a Friday evening.




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