Scene in Edmonds: Coyote spotting

Taken Monday by LeRoy Van Hee: You may have heard rumors about a coyote living in the Edmonds Marsh. Here's confirmation.

Taken Monday by LeRoy Van Hee: You may have heard rumors about a coyote living in the Edmonds Marsh. Here’s confirmation.

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  1. I have heard him in the morning.

  2. Wow! Amazing how wild life can be right in our town. About seven years ago we saw a coyote walking up our hill here in the bowl.

    But no bears lately, right?

  3. From the looks of the coyote it is a healthy looking very young animal. I know there are several living all over Edmonds. Good reason not to leave your cat out at night!!!

  4. Nothing unique here. They live in the woods of Southwest County Park. I hear them at night. I saw one prancing through someone’s backyard off North Meadowdale Beach Road. Lost cat? Lost cat = coyote meal.

  5. Thanks for the photo Mr.VH, it’s really good.

  6. Gorgeous photo – we hear them every now and again, but have yet to see one. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. yes how precious! it is wonderful to have wildlife in our town and i
    am hoping that we can keep it.


  8. There’s coyotes in Maplewood Park too. Several hapless pet kitties have been taken over the years…mine was one!

  9. I have a photograph of a coyote in our front yard on Ninth. I didn’t think anyone would believe me.

  10. Great photo. And, by the look in his eyes, I would say he was stalking his prey! Its great to have wildlife thriving so close by, but please don’t t leave your kitties outside at night.

  11. The City of Edmonds is worried about roaming cats. This will take care of the problem. We should be worried about the coyotes.

  12. Confirmation of coyote seen this morning at 3:30 am on 7th and 8th ave / cross street 15th, Edmonds. Had DLH Tabby in mouth.
    Edmonds Animal Control was been notified.
    Please keep cats inside and small dogs on leash. This Coyote jumped large fences and will enter yards.

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