Adams/Beutler animal abuse case update: What happened to the dogs?

Adams' and Beutlers' first court appearance on May 22 drew a crowd of protestors to Edmonds Municipal Court to draw attention to the case and advocate for the animals.

Adams’ and Beutlers’ first court appearance on May 22 drew a crowd of protestors to Edmonds Municipal Court to draw attention to the case and advocate for the animals.

Last week, My Edmonds News reported on the pre-trial hearing of Rose Adams and George Beutler, the couple facing multiple charges of animal abuse. Since then, additional information has emerged on the fate of the 14 dogs seized by police in the May 14 raid on their home.

Immediately subsequent to the raid, 12 dogs were transferred to the Adix animal shelter for evaluation and to be held pending the court’s decision on their disposition. Two required immediate veterinary care and were transferred to a local veterinary facility where they were treated. Once these two had recovered sufficiently, they were sent to join the other seized animals at Adix’s.

According to Edmonds Animal Control officer Debbie Dawson, to date six of these dogs have been transferred to PAWS for adoption. Eight still remain at the Adix facility.

Of the dogs remaining at Adix, five are still legally licensed to Adams. But since she is under court order to not possess any animals as a condition of her release pending trial, these dogs will remain at Adix until this is resolved. Depending on the outcome of the trial, she may be able to reclaim them. The remaining three are pit bulls, and have been determined to not be good candidates for adoption at this time.

Adams and Beutler are scheduled for trial on Dec. 20 on multiple charges of animal abuse.

— Story and photo by Larry Vogel

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  1. Interesting. Adix, Animal Control, and the prosecutor all told me the only dogs remaining were the five Rose had registered. If I’d known Sadie, Mugsy, and Brownie were still stuck at Adix, I’d have taken steps to get them rescued.

  2. I’d like to know who is paying for their care, our tax dollars? I certainly hope that the owner will be paying these fees.

    • I’ve been to all the civil hearings. Tax dollars paid for the vet care. As for who’s paying right now, the city has a preset contract with Adix. They pay a certain amount a month to reserve a certain number of kennels. If the city uses anymore kennels than its allotted limit, it’d have to pay more, but that isn’t the case at the moment.

  3. What is going to happen to the “Pit Bulls”? Why are all 3 deemed unadoptable?

    • Sadie is sweet, but very edgy. She’ll attack big dogs on site and is edgy with new people. Mugsy is fantastic with people, but attacks all animals. But their are rescues willing to rehabilitate them. As for Brownie, he has no such problems. He’s very happy and social. Him remaining there perplexes me.

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