Will Ferrell’s new gig? He now owns a bar in Edmonds — or does he?

Updated with clarification from Jack Murphy’s owner.

Edmonds was abuzz Saturday night with sightings of famous actor/comedian Will Ferrell – reported to be at Jack Murphy’s bar downtown — and the reason appeared to be revealed on the Jack Murphy’s Facebook page Saturday — that Ferrell was the bar’s new owner.  However, the current owner says that while Ferrell was indeed at the Edmonds bar Saturday night, he is not confirming that Ferrell is the new owner — despite what was posted on Facebook.

Jack Murphy’s founder Brian Taylor, who along with his wife Louise Favier left Edmonds this summer to return to their hometown of New York City,  had told My Edmonds New that new bar ownership would be coming soon. The news on Jack Murphy’s Facebook page, along with a photo of Ferrell  standing on an Edmonds street, seemed to indicate that the bar will now be in the hands of the man known for such on-screen comedic performances as anchorman Ron Burgundy and Buddy the Elf.

But Taylor told My Edmonds News Sunday night that news of the new owner will be coming later this week, but he could not confirm it would be Ferrell.



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  1. Maybe we can get him to run for City Council!

  2. Love that Bar!

  3. Will he be showing up to the DEMA meetings?!

  4. What is his interest and connection to Edmonds?

  5. Seems the Jack Murphy’s Facebook Page is currently unavailable. Wonder what that means!?!

  6. Jack Murphy’s last post was Stay Classy Edmonds!

  7. One more reason we wish we’d never moved:-D

  8. Ferrell classy? Sorry…. I don’t get it. But then, I don’t know him personally. Guess I better keep better track of My hometown bars and keep an open mind :)

    • Penny, the “classy” part is a reference to a line in the movie “Anchorman – Ron Burgundy”. You should see it.. pretty funny! :)

  9. This is awsome news, Will Farrell is my favorite comedian. I hope to see him around Edmonds more often:)

  10. I heard he was hanging out with actress Anna Faris who is from Edmonds. Someone mentioned they were spotted at the Taki Tiki on Saturday night.

  11. I love Will Ferrell. I thought Anna Faris was married to Chris Pratt (from Lake Stevens).

    • Anna Faris IS married to Chris Pratt (Parks & Recreation). And her & Will are bud’s too… :)

  12. Oh how the story expands! =`)

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