Edmonds-area High School Students of Month for November

Edmonds E-Learning

Rhiannon Sherbon-Powell

Rhiannon Sherbon-Powell
Mother’s Name: Cherie Sherbon
Father’s Name: Ric Powell & Jason Queree
Community Service: Lynnwood Food Bank food drives; Cystic Fibrosis walk-a-thon; MDA fundraiser and walk-a-thon; GenCare volunteer for reading to the elderly with my grandma Stewart at Scriber Gardens; Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission.
Future Educational Goals: Massage therapist and business owner
Future Career Goals: Own my own business
Anything else we should know? My daddy passed away when I was 10 years old. Not too long after, a man that has shown me nothing but love as my dad entered my life and filled huge shoes! My mom is my best friend and my family works together to help me reach all my goals in life. My wonderful boyfriend, who is serving our country with pride and is my best friend, supports everything I do. All in all, I love my family. They have helped me accomplish all I want, and more.

Edmonds Heights K-12

Mujtaba Al-Maliki

Mujtaba Al-Maliki
Mother’s Name: Iman Al-Maliki
Father’s Name: Waheed Al-Maliki
Clubs & Activities: At this time, I am not associated with any clubs. As for activities there are many things I enjoy doing. Some examples would be video games, and driving.
Athletics: I do enjoy watching sports but as far as playing them I’ve only engaged in sports with my friends.
Honors: I have never taken an honors class in my life due to past lack of motivation. I feel as though if the opportunity presents itself I will do my best to enter and succeed.
Awards: Besides a few awards in elementary school for math I have never won anything.
Community Service: I try my best to help the community around me by helping people in that community. A few months back I regularly helped at swim meets for a local school.
Culminating Project: I hope to be a successful architect. My senior project will revolve around architecture.
Future Educational Goals: I hope to go to a community college and finish all requirements, then transfer to a university in Washington or California.
Future Career Goals: I hope to become an architect later down the road.
Anything else we should know? I’m very appreciative for the honor to be chosen as Student of the Month. I hope to continue my education to the best of my ability.

EH-k12-Ellie Johnson-NovEllie Johnson
Mother’s Name: Angela Johnson
Father’s Name: Brian Johnson
Clubs & Activities: Art, writing, playing piano, and martial arts.
Athletics: Tae Kwon Do.
Community Service: I volunteered at the Edmonds Heights K-12 library during the school year and the Summer Math program at Alderwood Middle School during the summer.
Culminating Project: Writing and illustrating a children’s picture book
Future Educational Goals: I hope to get into running start.
Future Career Goals: Any field in art, writing, sciences, or foreign languages.

Edmonds-Woodway High School

E-W-Kyle Batingan-NovArvin Kyle B Batingan
Mother’s Name: Judy B Mendoza
Father’s Name: Jose V. Braganza
Clubs & Activities: Fashion Club, Verbal Expression, Filipino Pride, and Play Production. Play Production is a wonderful program that EWHS offers to students who are interested in theater or the dramatic arts. Play Production produces all the plays for Edmonds Woodway. Our first play for the season is “The Dining Room” by A.R. Gurney, directed by Bruce Mindt.
ASB: I am the Clubs Officer for the Edmonds Woodway ASB. This position has taught me many skills to improve my leadership abilities. I would like to thank all the clubs at Edmond-Woodway for working to have a wonderful and successful year.
Awards: I guess this would be it… being the November Student of the Month.
Community Service: Volunteering at adult family homes. It’s such a great way to learn so many interesting facts about the past. Also learning about a person’s experience is such a great way to develop a relationship.
Culminating Project: Wanting to pursue a career in theater, I was lucky enough to work along with professionals at the 5th Avenue Musical Theatre. I would like to thank a very important person, Mr. Quinn, who helped me land an intern position at the 5th!
Future Educational Goals: To be able to attend a performing arts school such as the Boston Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.
Future Career Goals: Working, designing or performing on a well-known stage, maybe on Broadway.
Anything else we should know? I am thankful to be working with such a wonderful group of students at E-W. Associated Student Body and Play Production have been such wonderful experiences.

E-W-Rhiann Tougas-NovRhiann Tougas
Mother’s Name: Janet Tougas
Father’s Name: Vince Tougas
ASB: I am part of the Homecoming Committee and helped plan and organize all of the events for Homecoming this year.
Honors: I am currently a Running Start Student at Edmonds Community College.
Awards: I was awarded with an “Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science” last year.
Community Service: I volunteer at my church (Holy Rosary Parish in Edmonds) as a Teachers’ Assistant in our Religious Education program. I also worked with Lynwood Rotary Club for the past three years helping elementary students in need shop for new school supplies.
Current Employment: I work at Argosy Cruises in downtown Seattle.
Future Educational Goals: I am planning on going to a four-year college and getting a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
Future Career Goals: In the future I would like to continue working with computers possibly in a computer security position.
Anything else we should know? I have a deep appreciation for my teachers, who have helped me get this far in life and shown me all of the things I can accomplish. That includes my middle school teacher at Madrona K-8 Lynn McCabe; my technology teacher at Edmonds Woodway, Mrs. Hastler; and my physics teacher at Edmonds-Woodway Mrs. Priest. My sister, Katie Tougas, always encourages and pushes me to do my best. My best friend Kym Sutton, who was also on the Homecoming Committee, helped me make it the best Homecoming possible.

Meadowdale High School

MHS-Angela Nguyen-NovAngela Nguyen
Mother’s Name: Kimchi Truong
Father’s Name: Adam Quang Nguyen
GPA: 3.817
Clubs & Activities: Drama Club; Production Manager: Meadowdale Mav News, 2011-Present; ASB: President, 2013-Present,Treasurer, 2012-2013, Senator, 2010-2012
Athletics: Four years varsity track; State Qualifier for 100m Womens’ High Hurdles, 2013
Honors: Eight AP classes in the course of high school
Awards: Best Actress, Meadowdale Players May, 2013; Emmy Nominee in TV Arts and Sciences April, 2012; Youth Merit Award; RYLA Scholar Recipient
Community Service: Food drives, volunteering with Vietnamese Community and Vicinity of Seattle events.
Culminating Project: Food Drive in March called Munch Madness (same concept as NCAA’s March Madness but with donations).
Current Employment: Occasionally work at family business Speedway Collision Center.
Future Educational Goals: Get a bachelor’s degree in communications and sociology at Washington State University.
Future Career Goals: Anchor at KIRO 7 or King 5 News (although I will go in whatever direction the waves of life pull me).
Anything else we should know? I’m the youngest of three kids. My birthday’s in September, so I’m younger than most seniors. I’m Left-handed. I enjoy life very much. Editing videos, learning people’s stories, and loving all are my specialties. I’ve been a proud Maverick for four years and am thankful I was given the chance to lead my school to better leave my legacy at MHS.

mhs-Isaiah Barhoum-NovIsaiah Barhoum
Mother’s name: April Nowak
Father’s Name: Erek Barhoum
GPA: 3.51
Clubs and Activities: For two of the three years I was a Link Crew coordinator. I spent an extra 10 hours training so I could train my peers in the organization; I was a small group leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at my school. I led discussions about Christianity every Thursday lunch; I was inducted into the National Honor Society during spring of my sophomore year; I have lettered in football for three years and been a captain for two years. I have played quarterback, fullback, and linebacker along with multiple special teams. I have made football into more than a hobby- I take pride in my team and spend hundreds of hours training with them during the off-season; I ran the 100-meter dash in 2012 but participated mainly to stay in shape for football and to seek training on my running form; My math teacher chose me this year as his student of the month because of my hard work throughout the year. I also was chosen as athlete of the month for November after being nominated by my coach and voted on by booster club members at MHS; I served as Cedar Park Elementary Chess Club coach in 2011. I occasionally helped teach the kids different strategies but I would spend the majority of my time managing their behavior. I saw this as a time to positively impact a large number of young kids and I used every moment to teach them as much as I could for a year; I was a one-on-one mentor at Lynndale Elementary School in 2012. I spent time with a particular kid in the at-risk program twice a week because the principle believed that he had the potential to be in regular courses. I was able to get him into regular courses within three months. I consider this my biggest accomplishment because I had a direct impact on this young man’s future; Fifth grade camp counselor- I managed the kids’ behavior and lead them through different activities. This was not only influential for the kids but it was fun for me. I enjoyed every second with them and tried to teach them as much as I could along the way; For two years, I volunteered for Mt. Zion Baptist Church’s “Day of Caring”. I gave out presents to families who were not able to afford their own. This was a humbling experience for me and I wish to do it again this Christmas; In 2011-12, I was a volunteer at the Union Gospel Mission. I was a part of a group that handed out food to the homeless. This was another humbling experience that showed me how lucky I am to have food on my table; I was physical fitness station coordinator at Seattle Urban Games. I managed the tug-of-war station at the Seattle Urban Games while kids went from station to station. This event taught me how to manage large groups of people at a chaotic event. It was a good experience to have and I am glad I was able to provide the kids with a source of exercise and fun; In 2011, I helped raise more than $10,000 in cash and donations for Seattle Tree House’s “Ruby Room” and “Prom Closet.” I was part of a team that raised this cash and donations; Also this year, I raised more than $300 in cash donations towards taking 100-plus Foster families to a private screening of “Hunger Games 2: Catching Fire.” I spent time making a pitch to say to different business owners and asked them for sponsorships or donations.
Culminating Project: Financial Manager of “Unmasked” art and literature magazine
Current Employment: I work at Karmichaels Auto Salon as a car detailer. I have worked 15-30 hours a week for eight months.
Future Educational Goals: Attend a four-year university and get a degree in finance.
Future Career Goals: Work in the field of finance and possibly become a financial advisor and open my own firm.

Scriber Lake High School

SLHS-Ciara Reed-NovCiara Reed
Mother’s Name: Stacy
Father’s Name: Monty
GPA: 4.0
Clubs and Activities: Women of Wisdom, Leadership; ASB; Student Emergency Response Team; yearbook.
Awards: Edmonds Rotary Club October Hidden Winner Award; two art awards; three reading awards; and one history award from SLHS.
Community Service: Volunteer at “They Shall Walk.”
Culminating Project: I am helping plan the themed days for a spirit week at our school and have created a quote-a-day calendar of inspirational quotes for our teachers to read to students every morning.
Current Employment: Personal Assistant for my dad
Future Educational Goals: To attend Edmonds Community College and graduate with an associate’s degree.
Future Career Goals: I may want to do something in the field of event planning and community relations.
Anything else we should know? Some of my favorite things to do are riding horses, spending time with my family and friends, hiking, and camping.

SLHS-Alexander Templeton-NovAlexander Templeton
Mother’s Name: Lisa Dougherty
Father’s Name: Erik Templeton
Clubs and Activities: Football, skateboarding, watching movies with family and friends, going on hikes, lifting weights, singing, and spending time with loved ones.
Athletics: Football and boxing.
Honors: The Edmonds Rotary Hidden Winner and Boys State University and green status award.
Culminating Project: I will be doing a pro/con comparison of becoming a firefighter and E.M.T.
Current Employment: I work on the weekends landscaping with my stepdad.
Future Educational Goals: To attend college
Future Career Goals: Firefighting, sales, construction and landscaping
Anything else we should know? I’m outgoing and love having conversations with and meeting new people.

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