Frank Yamamoto resigns from Edmonds City Council

Frank Yamamoto

Frank Yamamoto

Updated with appointment process information.

Edmonds City Councilmember Frank Yamamoto announced Thursday that he is resigning from the council, effective Dec. 31.

“Please know that this has been a difficult decision, but due to two heart surgeries in two years and the demands of the associated recovery process, I am compelled to step back from the responsibilities I have had the honor to perform for this great City of Edmonds,” Yamamoto said in a letter to Mayor Dave Earling that was released Thursday morning.

Yamamoto was elected to Position 6 on the City Council in 2011 and took office in 2012.

Council President Lora Petso said she plans to work on a proposed timeline early next week for filling the vacant seat.

A reminder of the process: The City Council has 90 days from the time the seat becomes vacant to appoint a qualified person, which includes advertising the vacancy, conducting interviews and voting to appoint during a public meeting, said City Clerk Scott Passey.

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  1. This news is saddening since Frank and I did a lot of good work in the Finance Committee last year. But, I also understand the demands of this job and Frank’s life investment for good health and thus I appreciate the time we did work together. Frank, you are an awesome role model and good friend.

  2. Thank you Frank for your service to our community, and the best of health and family times.

  3. Thanks Frank for all that you have accomplished for the city of Edmonds. Wishing you good health

  4. Frank you have done a great service to our community by being on City Council. It’s sad to see you go but health and family are foremost. You have made a difference through your actions and determination to help this City realize it’s potential. Thank you very much! Craig and I wish you well.

  5. You will be missed Frank! Wish you all the best!

  6. Thanks Frank for your service. You always brought a depth of thought and experience to your discussions. Well done.

  7. Appreciate your years of past service, Best wishes.

  8. You will be missed Frank!

  9. It should come as no surprise to anyone that, faced with a challenging decision, Frank made a thoughtful choice. I wish him well and now join the multitude in thanking him for the dedication and commitment he made during his tenure on our city council. At the end of the day, I think I admire Frank the most for his persistent efforts at building relationships and building consensus. He demonstrated that early on when he played a significant leadership role during the formation of the Citizens Economic Development Commission. One can now hope that during the selection process to appoint a replacement, our current council members will keep in mind this valued service Frank provided and select someone who will be dedicated to collaboration. Thank you Frank for a job well done.

  10. As you know, Frank, you are regarded by many of us as one of the good guys on the Council. Selfishly, we very much dislike the idea of forfeiting your well-tempered voice on the dais. We recognize, however, that your health comes first. My best to you, Frank; please don’t hesitate to call if ever there is anything I can do to help you.

  11. Thanks for your service Frank. These kind of life decisions are hard but know you did a great job and you are well loved by the Edmonds community. May you have a bright future and continue to walk in his light.
    Dave Page

  12. Frank, from my family to yours, thank you. We pray a continuous healing and a blessed next chapter.

  13. Thanks for your service Frank and continued success with your recovery.

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