This Month in Edmonds History: Aunty Freeze

My Edmonds News is proud to present a monthly look at Edmonds history, straight from the archives of the Edmonds Historical Museum. For the month of January, we’ll revisit 1932.

Group of unidentified people in the snow, no date.

Group of unidentified people in the snow, no date.

The Jan. 22, 1932 edition of The Wireless, Edmonds High School’s publication, included the spirited column, “Aunty Freeze” – chock full of great advice for youngsters!

Dear Aunty Freeze:
Why do I receive lower marks in January than in December? P.S.: Please don’t think it’s because Santa Claus has already been here. – Don Hareid.

Dear Don:
Everything is marked down after the holidays. – Aunty Freeze

Dear Aunty Freeze:
During these cold days my car doesn’t start very well. What shall I do? – Herbert Elofson

Dear Herbert:
Put Aunty Freeze in your car; then you’ll be warm. – Aunty Freeze

Dear Aunty Freeze:
Could you tell me what the prefix “mag” means and also give me an illustration. – Grace Tutmark.

Dear Grace:
“Mag” means “large.” Illustration: I like magpies. – Aunty Freeze

Dear Aunty Freeze:
As president of the A.W.H.C. (Alderwood Women Hater’s Club), I beg you to give me advice. The members of the club cannot pay your dues. What shall we do? – Joe Weigel

Dear Joe:
Personally, I think you had better drop the idea of having the club. Boys should have a good time this year, since it is Leap Year—and don’t forget the Rainbow dance is coming. – Aunty Freeze

Dear Aunty Freeze:
Why does my stomach feel so funny when I blush? – Elizabeth Beam

Dear Elizabeth:
Maybe your heart slips down into your stomach. – Aunty Freeze

Dear Aunty Freeze:
Whom shall I take to the Rainbow dance? I’m rather bashful, you know. – Martha Louise

Dear Martha Louise:
Be sure to pick out a cute boy and one who can dance. Don’t be bashful—this is leap year you know. P.S.: Here’s a tip—pick one who can furnish transportation. – Aunty Freeze

Dear Aunty Freeze:
Why is the book room so sad looking? – Betty Ross

Dear Betty:
Because the books are in tiers and there are panes in the windows. – Aunty Freeze


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  1. Oooh, I didn’t know that puns were so popular in the 30′s :-)

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