Update: More budding local pot businesses apply for licenses

marijuana artThe Washington State Liquor Control Board’s weekly update of applications for marijuana-related businesses reveals six new applicants from the Edmonds/Lynnwood/Mountlake Terrace area. In addition to these, two existing producer applicants have altered the terms of their requests.

The state is accepting applications in three catagories: Producers would grow marijuana in bulk for wholesale distribution; processors would package and/or refine this product into a form suitable for individual sale for wholesale distribution to retail stores; retailers would sell marijuana products directly to consumers. In addition, producers fall into three sub-categories or “tiers,” depending on the size of the proposed operation. Tier 1 (small producer) is for 2,000 square feet or less of planted area. Tier 2 (medium producer) is 2,001-10,000 square feet, and tier 3 (large producer) is 10,001 to 30,000 square feet. Note that many applicants for producer licenses are also applying for processor licenses, which would allow them to both grow and package/refine marijuana for sale to retailers.

My Edmonds News previously reported one large (tier 3) producer/processor and two retail applications for Lynnwood, one small (tier 1) producer/processor for Mountlake Terrace, and one retail store for Edmonds.

Figures released Dec. 3 show the following (* indicates new applicants since last week):

Sofeea Huffman, tier 1*
Torre Treece, tier 1*
Sofeea Huffman*
Torre Treece*
Slanted Eyes
Christina McCormick*

Hempalayas, tier 1 (downgraded from tier 3 last week)
Alder Creek Green, tier 1*
Kendril Marquis Harris, tier 2*
Auricag, Inc., tier 3*
Auricag, Inc.*
420 Hash
C & C Shop
Seattle Best Pot, LLC*

Mountlake Terrace
Buddha Consulting, tier 3 (upgraded from tier 1 last week)
Buddha Consulting

The board is accepting public comment on any proposed application. Comments should include the trade name, license number and address of the business — available here — and may be sent to:

Washington State Liquor Control Board
Licensing and Regulation
P.O. Box 43098
Olympia, WA 98504-3098

The Washington State Liquor Control Board will continue accepting applications for marijuana-related business through December 19. The Board publishes updated figures each Tuesday here. More information on marijuana business licenses can be found here.

– By Larry Vogel

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