Firdale Village Aquarium Co-op fundraiser is ‘a go’ for Saturday

Cory McElroy with one of his fish.
Cory McElroy

Last fall, we posted a story about about the Aquarium Co-op in Firdale Village and owner Corey McElroy.

We received word Friday that McElroy is holding a fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 1 to support Liem’s Pet Shop in the International District, which lost all of its fish in a Christmas Eve fire. On Saturday only, 25 percent off all sales will go to help Liem rebuild.

What makes this effort even more impressive is the fact that McElroy has been dealing with his own misfortune this week, and is still choosing to proceed with helping someone else.

Early last Wednesday morning, McElroy discovered that a 340-gallon fish tank had broken a seam and burst. Most of the fish in the tank died, but McElroy was not deterred. The co-op was closed Thursday and Friday so that dehumidifiers, carpet blowers and fans could do their work — and the shop would be ready for Saturday’s event.

The fundraiser is scheduled to start at noon, but check the co-op’s Facebook page for the latest updates.

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