Letter to Editor: Edmonds City Council appointment provides opportunity for ‘new blood’


Dear Editor:

With the Council soon to interview 15 candidates for its open position, this is an opportunity to bring ‘new blood’ to the Council. In taking time to find information about the 13 candidates who have not served before, I see some good citizens to consider. Some already serve on City committees. Others hold important positions in the community. Most have good lengths of time in their profession, and skills that would complement the Council. The Council needs to refresh itself at times like these. I hope the Council will be patient with its process, and take the time to find the best person to serve the community.

Jim Underhill


  1. I agree 100% with your suggestion. “New Blood” would be so refreshing. The old saying “been there, done that” doesn’t always spell success!

  2. Three of the people on that list just completed a race for City Council. They were not chosen by the voters. This should indicate we do not want those three at this time. Yes, I know one race was very close.

    Would it not be better to choose someone “new” to bring fresh ideas to the group?

  3. It would be very advantageous for all of Edmonds if some “new ideas, new blood” were brought to the City Council – especially in light of the fact that the Finance Director, after 6 months, resigned due to contentious behavior of some on the Council. The potential for the Edmonds community is too great to be dragged down by divisiveness.

    I agree with Ms. Newquist’s comments as I had felt the same when I read the list of applicants. The residents of Edmonds deserve fresh ideas from their Council.

  4. Yes, this city needs new, fresh ideas……What was the point of people voting to have members NOT selected by the citizens on the council. I find the fact that they applied rather unbelievable……I don’t care how close the race was……The fact was, they were not chosen by the citizens of Edmonds.

    • Tere, I completely agree. I was so surprised that 3 of these individuals that were not voted in, chose to put their name into the ‘hat’ again. What is the motivation? Might it be to continue the dissension?

      We just moved here, 4+ years ago from CA, AND I guess spent the first 3 years in ignorant bliss. I do have to admit how disappointed I am at what I have learned about ‘how Edmonds works’. Very, very disappointed!!

  5. Yes, there seems to be quite an ol’ boys club here……ol’ girls club too! Time to move forward with fresh new ideas, fresh new people, fresh new business and some HONESTY (with business! here AND government!)…..I’ve heard “it’s business, Tere” around here so many times……Who are these people trying to kid…..I call it greed.

    .I don’t believe the citizens of Edmonds just fell off the turnip truck…..

    and we can get rid of the OLD ideas and workings that go on around here if we ALL step up to the plate and expect that Edmonds can do BETTER and will!.

  6. Have you thought that the 3 applicants for city council who lost in the election care about are city and want to serve . One applicant was on the council and didnt run for reelection. Have you thought about those who are applying ,who did not put them selves through the rigoures of an election and see what the voters thought.. Just food for thought .

    • Your “food for thought” is well stated. Perhaps that is a major concern for all of us – the rigors/$$/etc of running for public office – kind of runs the gamut from City to Federal offices and an issue that we should all be aware of and concerned about.

  7. It seems that there are many potentially well-qualified candidates for appointment to Council. I voted for Frank, as did many others. I would like to see his views reflected in and embraced by the new appointee. I don’t know who best reflects Frank’s views, but I would urge the Mayor and Council to consider replacing Frank in kind. He is well-respected and effective for a.reason.


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