Meet your local business: Shiloh School of Language Development


Shiloh Early LearningBusiness name: Shiloh School of Language Development

Products and/or services: “Shiloh is a safe learning community for children ages 2-5 that have speech problems and/or language delays. Classes are taught by Washington state certified teachers trained to get kids ready for kindergarten and provide intervention services to help students build a strong foundation for the rest of their lives,” says the school’s Kayce Aspen. “In our preschool, small ratios allow for more interaction, increased language development and an academic curriculum emphasizing real-life learning through play. The goal of preschool is to provide excellent preschool intervention so that by kindergarten children may enroll in elementary school classes doing academic level work alongside their peers. Our elementary school classes provide children that would otherwise struggle in a regular general education classroom the unique opportunity to work on a kindergarten curriculum in a small group setting.”

Background on business: The school started in the atrium of Aspen’s parents’ house. Growth required a move into a new facility and the school is now an approved private school through Washington State for kindergarten and first grade.

Unique/interesting features: Preschool class sizes have 1:5 ratios, elementary class sizes are 1:7. The curriculum is designed to allow children the opportunity to learn through visual and motor modalities. “Children learn academics in a hands-on, real-life learning environment. We offer summer discovery classes for children needing additional academic support and/or intervention over the summer,” Aspen says.

Contact information:, phone 206-455-5997, email


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