Recommended Reads: ‘Purse of Your Own’ gives women big picture on finances


purse of your ownPurse of Your Own: An Easy Guide to Financial Security, by Deborah Owens with Brenda Lane Richardson

Have you resolved to get your finances under control and make headway on defining and achieving your financial goals? Here is a very helpful guide for how to do just that. It is written especially for women, encouraging them to take control of their lives, their futures, and their purses by leveraging knowledge detailed in this book.

The author, Deborah Owens, is a wealth coach and has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and is a Wall Street veteran. She is a former vice president and financial consultant with Fidelity Investments. She is a contributor to CNN, ABC News Now, and several magazines, and is host of Wealthy Radio, which airs on public radio in Baltimore, Md. She is CEO of Owens Media Group. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Loyola University of Maryland.

Owens has designed a plan for action around her “7 Wealthy Habits”. Her writing is instructive, but also presented in an entertaining way that draws you into a subject that can be pretty dry for many of us. This is such an important topic though, and the author writes objectively so that you will take stock of whatever your current situation is. Leave your emotional fears behind. She gives you the practical tools to determine what options are open to you in order to make headway to your goals. After reading this guide you’ll feel optimistic that no matter what stage of your life, there is a way to set financial goals and take action to make wealthy gains, and stick to it. She’ll motivate you to incorporate finance consciousness into your life.

This guide gives you a good understanding of the big picture of the financial world, and the importance of wealth accumulation in order to achieve the life goals you wish for. Wishing requires informed planning and action to bring achievement. This wealth coach provides her own detailed steps on how to take action, and also includes websites and contacts for organizations and other resources for you to get personal help, advice, support, information, planning and start investing. This advice is all written in connection with the “7 Wealthy Habits” that will become a lifestyle.

You’ll start seeing some of your everyday activities, favorite stores, and favorite products in a different way – do I want to buy that Coach purse, or do I want to invest in Coach Stock? Ladies, she also gives practical advice on teaching and motivating your daughters too, so they get an early start. Read this and design your own plan to get your money working for you, not just you working for your money.

Thereby hangs a tale, and a guide for action . . . .


– By Wendy Kendall

wendy kendallWendy Kendall is a writer, project manager and volunteer at the Edmonds Library. She’s enjoyed living in Edmonds for over 20 years. Follow her via her blog here or on Twitter @wendywrites1.

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