Missing from Edmonds: Have you seen 13-year-old Max Dwyer?


maxDonna Dwyer of Edmonds is asking for the public’s help in finding her 13-year-old son, Max, who left home at lunchtime on Friday, Jan. 10 and has not been seen since.

If you have information about Max, please call Donna at 425-772-9783 or call 911 — Edmonds Police Case # 14-0167.



  1. You’d think after all of this time, LE would quit listing all children that have disappeared as “runaway”…….
    “He is extremely vulnerable” yet he is a “runaway”………Thousands and thousands of children missing, murdered, unidentified or TRAFFICKED across the United States, and THIS LE still refers to this as “runaway”……….THIS is why these children are still missing………..

    • I absolutely agree with you Tere! If any of my children left home on their own accord to go wherever and they don’t return I would NOT think they ‘ran away’. They would be missing and in danger.

  2. Well, for RIGHT NOW, the Edmonds Police Department should be giving everything they’ve got to FIND THIS CHILD!…….and not just listing this child as a “runaway”……
    The old, “let’s wait a couple days and see” is old school and not even RELEVANT for situations with children missing today!

    My heart goes out to this family and hope for the safe return of their child. I hope this poster is blanketing the area right now so everyone knows about it.


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