Socially Single: How to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a singleton

Kelsey Foster

As I’m sure you are aware, the great holiday of LOVE is this week. The sparkly red and pink displays at every store are impossible to ignore.

Valentine’s Day creates tension, emotion and anxiety for so many people. If you are in a relationship, there is pressure to make it a special day. If you are newly dating, you wonder what is the appropriate way to celebrate given the “new” status of your situation. And if you are single, you may want to discount the day as a “Hallmark holiday” and feel sorry for your sad and lonely self.

I want to talk to you single folks. Because you are the ones who frustrate me the most.

Yes, being single on Valentine’s Day can just serve to remind you that you don’t have a Valentine. And so many of you want to complain, or ridicule the day, or be sarcastically angry about it.

And I’m telling you to STOP THAT RIGHT NOW.

What you really want is to find love, right? You are sad and upset that you are alone on this “stupid” holiday. But think about it. Being negative about this holiday is not doing you any favors. It repels people and moves you further away from finding what you actually want.

I want you to do this instead. Rather than say you dread this day or how stupid it is, say these statements:

“I am happy for the people who are in love and I look forward to having that in my life, too”

“I believe in love and trust that the right person will show up in my life soon”

“I am so excited to celebrate love (even if I’m currently single)”

“Love is totally worth celebrating!”

Yep, it’s cheesy. And probably feels totally woo-woo fairy-dust Law of Attraction weird. But here’s the thing…what you tell yourself becomes your reality. If you say that being single sucks, guess what? You are going to be miserable as a single person. Do you like hanging around miserable people? I know I don’t. Miserable people push positive people away.

So this Friday, grab a friend or two and go out. Don’t sit at home alone watching sad movies and posting on Facebook how much you hate Valentine’s Day. Check out to find parties and outings that welcome singles. Enjoy the possibility of meeting someone special and have fun!

And when you see a happy couple in love, congratulate them. Because who knows, next year that could be you!

Kelsey Foster is a dating and relationship coach in Edmonds. She is released a new book titled Improve Your Love-itude available on Amazon. Find out more information about Kelsey on her website or join her on Facebook.

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