Edmonds-area high school Students of Month for February


Edmonds eLearning

e-Learn-Benjamin Ekern-FebBenjamin Ekern
Mother’s Name: Barbara Ekern
Father’s Name: Peter Ekern
GPA: 3.83
Clubs and Activities: Joining the chess club this year
Athletics: I am really into rock climbing and compete on a team. I was injured so I didn’t get to compete this last fall, but am gearing up to compete in lead climbing this spring.
Honors: I am currently taking Honors Algebra 2 and AP Computer Science.
Awards: President’s Educational Award 2011
Current Employment: Employed as groundskeeper for local community
Future Educational Goals: Finish high school with a GPA of 3.8 or higher
Future Career Goals: Get into my first choice of colleges and major in either math or business.

e-learn-Alexis McRae-FebAlexis McRae
Mother’s Name: Maria McRae
GPA: 3.9
Athletics: Soccer, BMX
Community Service: Homeless Youth Outreach
Current Employment: McDonalds
Future Educational Goals: To major in psychology, minor in English
Future Career Goals: Become an adolescent drug and alcohol counselor

Edmonds Heights K-12

EHk-12-Connor Gerhold-FebConnor Gerhold
Mother’s Name: Halima Gerhold
Father’s Name: Nils Gerhold
GPA: 4.0
Future Educational Goals: My Educational Goal would be to graduate Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s in creative writing for entertainment.
Future Career Goals: My dream would be to become a creative director for a video game that features a strong story and narrative direction.

EH-k12-Madeline Griffin-FebMadeline Griffin
Mother’s Name: Kathy Griffin
Father’s Name: Sean Griffin
Clubs & Activities: German-American Partnership Program , musical theater
Honors: German Student of the Month at Meadowdale High School
Culminating Project: Co-Directed and costumed the Edmonds Heights Student Produced Musical in November
Current Employment: Cold Stone Creamery at Alderwood Mall
Future Educational Goals: Study Germanic history or costume design at a university
Future Career Goals: Teach German or history; join Seattle’s Theatrical Wardrobe Union
Anything else we should know? Thank you for this honor!

Edmonds-Woodway High School

E-W-Travis Bakken-FebTravis Bakken
Mother’s Name: Karen Bakken
Father’s Name: Brad Bakken
GPA: 3.4
Clubs and Activities: Coached elementary school boys in fundamentals of basketball and football during Edmonds-Woodway kids camps
Athletics: Two years varsity football; four years varsity basketball
Honors: First and second year drafting
Awards: 2012 all-Wesco defensive line, football; 2013 all-Wesco offense and defensive line, Snohomish county hall of fame, second team All-State offensive and defensive line
Basketball – 2011, 2012, 2013 first team All-Wesco South; 2012, 2013 team MVP; 2014 nominated McDonalds All American.
Community Service: Cleaning up Edmonds-Woodway’s gym after sporting events; picking up trash in downtown Edmonds after the Taste of Edmonds.
Culminating Project: I’m building a model of a house that I designed in drafting class.
Future Educational Goals: To attend a four-year university and study architectural design or construction management.

E-W-Alicia Teasley-FebAlicia Teasley
Mother’s Name: Kathleen Teasley
Father’s Name: Ken Teasley
GPA: 3.76
Clubs and Activities: I am a co-president of the ASL club. I am also a member on the Deaf Academic Bowl team. I volunteer at Seattle Children’s hospital. I also am involved in the DO-IT program at the University of Washington.
ASB: I am a co-President of the ASL club. I also have been a vice president of ASL club. I am also the president of the Deaf Academic Bowl Club.
Honors: Most Outstanding in French 2; Most Outstanding on the Deaf Academic Bowl 2011, 2012, 2013; 300 volunteer hour completion at Children’s Hospital
Awards: Milestones of Freedom Award; third place in the Regional Deaf Academic Bowl Competition 2013; second place in the Regional Deaf Academic Bowl Competition 2014
Community Service: I volunteer as a messenger at Seattle Children’s Hospital. I take gifts, wheelchairs, and carts to patients all around the hospital. I also stuff envelopes and newsletters for patients and their families. I also play with kids in the playroom. I volunteer at least three hours per week, sometimes more. I have also volunteered at food banks around the state.
Culminating Project: My culminating project is on my experience participating in a neurobiology workshop at the University of Washington through the DO-IT program. I will talk about what I learned from injecting Nicotine into embryos of mice. I will also talk about how that made me more excited to go into medicine in college.
Current Employment: Babysitting kids while their parents take a signing exact English class at the Jubilee Reach Center.
Future Educational Goals: I will go to a four year university for pre-medical studies. Then if all goes well, I will attend medical school.
Future Career Goals: I want to be a medical doctor. I would love to be an emergency room doctor or a surgeon.
Anything else we should know? Even though I am deaf, I can do anything I set my mind to!

Meadowdale High School

MHS-Sean Snow-FebSean Snow
Mother’s Name: Careen Snow
Father’s Name: Dan Snow
GPA: 3.2
Athletics: I played football for the Meadowdale Mavericks.
Awards: I received the coaches award for football.
Culminating Project: For my senior project, I am currently volunteering at Meadowdale Middle School to help kids in special education. My project is empowering kids to stand up for themselves and not be bullied. We also work on behavioral issues, providing tools to help them deal with different situations.
Future Educational Goals: I plan to attend a two year community college to start with.
Future Career Goals: My interests include law enforcement and psychology. I hope to find something I enjoy, combining these interests.

MHS-Cassie Hummel-FebCassie Hummel
Mother’s Name: Lisa Easton-Hummel
Father’s Name: Bill Hummel
GPA: 3.78
Clubs and Activities: Three years National Honor Society; three years Link Crew; one year Young life; FCA club
Athletics: Cheerleading at Meadowdale; senior captain this year, been on it for three years; Dancer at Barclay Shelton Dance Centre, 14 years
Awards: Washington State Cheer Champions, 3A, NT, 2013; Washington State Cheer Champions, 3A, NT, 2014; Cheer captain, one year; Athlete of the Month, Meadowdale High School, September 2013
Community Service: Migrant Youth Camp, 2009 ; youth group, Holy Rosary, four years.
I organized a blood drive with the Puget Sound Blood Bank for my senior project. I ran it for 25 hours and had 60 students and staff members donate blood.
Current Employment: Tropical Tan employee
Future Educational Goals: I hope to attend the University of Washington in fall of 2014

Scriber Lake High School

SLHS-Maggie Higgins-FebMaggie Higgins
Mother’s Name: Tracy Brandon
Father’s Name: Patrick Higgins
Athletics: Roller Derby
Current Employment: Subway

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