Edmonds Police Blotter, March 14-23

March 14
18000 block Olympic View Dr.: An unknown suspect in a moving vehicle threw an egg. It struck a victim who was walking along the side of the road. The victim was hit in the abdomen, causing a welt.

March 15
10800 block Wachusett Road: Edmonds police officers were dispatched to Woodway for a one-car collision involving a vehicle and a fence. The driver was taken into custody for a DUI and later turned over to Woodway police.

March 16
24100 block Highway 99: A woman who was arrested for shoplifting also had two confirmed warrants. She was transported to and booked at the Lynnwood jail.

March 18
10100 block Edmonds Way: A suspicious man approached a woman in a store parking lot. As she exited the store he asked her if she wanted to model for him. A picture of the subject was obtained. There was no business information carried or provided by the suspicious man.

24300 block Highway 99: A person reported that someone came to an auto dealer’s lot and had stolen four tires from a brand-new vehicle.

March 21
15700 block 70th Avenue West: A man believed he was sending bail money to an attorney for his grandson after receiving a call from someone who sounded liked his grandson, telling him he was in jail.

100 block Main Streeet: A woman was at Rory’s of Edmonds with a friend. She ordered a drink and set her wallet/pocketbook unattended in the bar before going to the bathroom. Upon returning her wallet was missing. There was no suspect information.

March 23
22300 block Woodway Park Road: Edmonds police assisted the Woodway police department after an unknown projectile was fired at a bicyclist from a vehicle. The victim was not injured. Two men in a blue dodge pickup truck laughed and yelled profanity at the victim. There was no license or suspect description obtained.

— Compiled by Lily Jaquith

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  1. Thank you for keeping us informed!!!!

  2. I am concerned about the egg, more importantly, lack of egg info. Was it raw, soft boiled, hard boiled, poached, scrambled, basted or fried?

  3. C’mon Allison. Really?

  4. Wow, Allison…Edmonds apparently is a tough place to try to exhibit a sense of humor. Well, I found your comments amusing. Amy, perhaps a little egg on your face?

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