Five ways to protect yourself from becoming a car prowl victim


The number of vehicle break-ins, or car prowls, have been on the rise since early 2014 — especially in Esperance, downtown and north Edmonds — and the Edmonds Police Department provided the following tips Monday for citizens to protect themselves:

1) Lock your vehicles

2) Do not leave anything of value in your vehicle even briefly

3) Remove garage door openers from vehicles if parked outside overnight

4) Criminals look for anything of value that is in plain sight, remove it!!

5) If you see a vehicle or people that look out of place or suspicious, CALL 9-1-1

“These are crimes of opportunity where the criminals are going through an area and quickly opening any vehicle that is left unlocked and taking whatever they can that is of any value,” said Edmonds Police spokesman Sgt. Mark Marsh. “There have been cases where the criminals did break car windows to get inside, however, the vast majority have been vehicles that were left unlocked.”

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