Map of the first Edmonds Loop


Edmonds Loop map 314Celebrate Edmonds released the map for Saturday’s inaugural Edmonds Loop walk. The walk is 1.8 miles and takes approximately 35-40 minutes.

1.      Start at Brackett’s Landing North

2.       South across ferry loading

3.       West into Brackett’s Landing South

4.       South past Senior Center and on beach

5.       East on Dayton Street across train tracks

6.       At mid-street near Antiques Mall cross South on crosswalk to Harbor Square side of Dayton

7.       Continue East on Dayton, cross Sunset, 5th, and go all the way up to 7th

8.       Head North and cross street  to library

9.       Continue North across the library parking lot and down 7th hill

10.     At Civic Field, head West inside the fence and follow the track counterclockwise and through Petanque walkway

11.     South on 6th  past Municipal Court House

12.    West on Bell past Centennial Plaza

13.    South on 4th

14.   West on Main and return to Brackett’s Landing North


5 Replies to “Map of the first Edmonds Loop”

  1. This is fantastic. Will incorporate this loop in my daily walk from home on N Sunset en route to your wonderful off leash dog park. Moving April 1. Can hardly wait and neither can Murphy, critter:)



  2. Make sure to check out the view from above the library when you do the Edmonds Loop! Such a lovely town — and so many great walks. Maybe we should have “Edmonds Walks” day so we can try out your favorite walk.




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