Rose Adams to be retried on animal abuse charges

20140319_rose in court
Rose Adams appeared in court Wednesday with her attorney John Rongerude to begin preparing for her April 18 retrial on two counts of animal abuse.

The latest chapter in the Rose Adams animal abuse case played out on Wednesday morning in Edmonds Municipal Court, where Judge Douglas Fair confirmed April 18 for Adams to be retried on two counts of animal abuse.

Adams is the subject of a long-running legal drama that began last May when 14 dogs were seized in a police raid on the Lake Ballinger- area home she shared with her boyfriend, George Beutler. The raid was prompted by a video taken by a neighbor that allegedly showed Adams and Beutler abusing the animals while they tried to break up a dog fight in their back yard.

This video combined with subsequent evidence gained during the raid was sufficient for the city prosecutor to bring charges of animal abuse against the couple. Beutler was charged with a single count, Adams with two. Adams was also charged with exceeding the maximum number of animals allowed at a single residence.

In their Feb. 10 trial, a jury cleared Beutler but found Adams guilty of having too many animals at her residence. For this she was sentenced to 16 days in jail, $630 in fines, and to not possess or have any animals under her control for two years.

But the jury could not reach a decision on her animal abuse charges, and deadlocked after deliberating for several hours.

Meanwhile, of the 14 dogs seized last May, nine have been adopted or fostered out. The remaining five are still legally licensed to Ms. Adams and remain in a shelter at city expense. City animal control is actively pursuing alternatives to get them out of the shelter and into foster care.

— Story and photo by Larry Vogel

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