Senator Chase to hold town hall meeting Saturday, March 15

Maralyn Chase

Maralyn Chase

State Senator Maralyn Chase of the 32nd Legislative District will be hosting a town hall meeting on Saturday, March 15, 12:30-2:30 p.m. at the Mountlake Terrace Community Senior Center at Ballinger Park, 23000 Lakeview Dr.

The community meeting comes just two days following the close of the 2014 Washington State legislative session in Olympia. The event will include an update of legislation action during the session, along with questions and answers to constituents’ concerns.

“I always want to energetically represent the needs of our district, and I can do that best by keeping up to speed on everyone’s priorities for our district and our state. I look forward to a lively, back-and-forth discussion in real time,” said Chase.


  1. Wow…a whole days notice…guess she really doesn’t want anyone to show up and ask why they left so much unfinished this session, huh?


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