Sunset Avenue Walkway back on Edmonds City Council agenda Tuesday

The existing Sunset Avenue walking path.
The existing Sunset Avenue walking path.
Proposed improvements include a 10-foot-wide promenade.
Proposed improvements include a 10-foot-wide promenade.

The controversial plan to create a wider, paved walkway along the city’s scenic Sunset Avenue will be open for more public comment and Edmonds City Council discussion Tuesday night.

The last time the issue was discussed — on March 4 –– the council asked staff to evaluate additional design concepts based on the comments received during the meeting. This Tuesday, city staff will make a presentation that includes a discussion of “the benefits and disadvantages of each concept,” according to the council agenda.

The council is also scheduled to learn about a proposed plan for city to try a one-year pilot program with Shoreline’s Dale Turner YMCA to staff Yost Pool operations this summer. According to the council agenda, the outdoor Yost pool costs the city approximately $210,000 to operate seasonally but collects just $150,000 per year in revenue, which means the city subsidizes the pool by about $60,000. City staff think a partnership model would “create both effectiveness and efficiencies.”

The City would have operational control over the maintenance, revenue collection, and programming; the YMCA would provide a pool manager and staffing to operate the pool. It’s estimated the city could save $15,000-$20,000 through the partnership.

Also on the agenda:

– 2013 Annual Report from Snohomish County Fire District 1.

– March 2014 Budget Amendment Ordinance

– Traffic Impact Fee Annual Report

– Report on Outside Board and Committee Meetings

The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. with an executive session regarding property acquisition. The regular meeting is set to begin at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N. You can see the complete agenda here.


  1. I am totally opposed to this. We only have to look at all landslides in N. Edmonds as well as Mukilteo as well as the present one in Oso. Why doesn’t the Council concentrate on an emergency access route to the businesses and residences over the tracks by the water?

  2. I walk Sunset on a regular basis, weekdays and weekends. The existing sidewalk on the east side, the path on the westside and the bike lane jointly provide ample walking/biking space.
    It seems to me the council is spending an enormous amount of time looking for a solution to a problem that does not exist. And, make no mistake, the time spent on this is very costly. There are so many far more important problems that need to be addressed.

  3. I agree with Marge and Bruce! There are many more issues to consider and better ways to spend time and money.

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  5. Still don’t see a need for this project. Home owners (kind of important players in this drama) are not in favor, most commenters vote against this DPW idea. We would not continue going to Sunset Ave. because of this make-over, but because of the beauty of the Sound, mountains, etc. This project neither changes or improves what nature already provides. More conversations because of this walkway? No good answer to the train question…what happens when they want/need to fence-off the area next to the walkway for safety? When a third rail line carves into the embankment? Too much risk, too much money needlessly spent, too little return. Please stop this project and move along to important stuff!

  6. Looks like the residents of Sunset are getting oddly a bad case of NIMBY. None the less, the issue will sit and fester in front of a terribly ineffective and petty council for years, and countless studies will be considered prior to moving the item to committee for revision then to legal for clarification then to council for public hearing in 2047.

  7. A hard surface walkway on the west side is needed. It does not have to be 10 ft wide. The existing path is too uneven and messy when wet. I end up walking in street which is not safe. The east sidewalk is farther from the view.

  8. I walk Sunset Avenue every day, rain or shine. I do this for exercise and to enjoy the view. I do not walk the dirt path but do as most, and walk on the east sidewalk. I always see many other walkers, joggers, families with strollers, and dog walkers. On sunny days the narrow sidewalk overflows and many of us are in the street along with the bikes and cars. What I do not see are any people in wheelchairs. This is because the sidewalk is too narrow and uneven.

    The proposed Sunset Avenue Walkway is a welcome addition. It would be used by hundreds, if not thousands of people daily. It is worth sacrificing a few parking places. Let the city staff settle the few minor issues and let’s get this project started. I am looking forward to enjoying the view on this new wide path, along with my wheelchair-bound friends.

  9. I’ve been watching the council waste what I consider to be WAY too much time circling this issue. I have yet to hear of one single advantage which would make this project worthy of the cost it would require. I have however heard many residents comment with ridiculous, and selfish motives for wanting this sidewalk built. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the current ability to access the views that Puget Sound has to offer via Sunset Ave. I am strongly urging the council to drop this proposed project from their busy schedules and move on to important issues which seemingly continue to be ignored. Your time could be so much better spent. Though I am very grateful to have been an Edmonds resident for the past 41 years, I cannot honestly say I am still proud to be. Its observing time/money wasting issues like this appear important to the city that worry me about our future here.


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