Decorations stolen from Sweet Peas Daycare


From the Edmonds Mom Facebook page, comes this sad news:

If you’ve ever driven by Sweet Peas Daycare on 3rd and Walnut you know how cute and thoughtful all her outdoor decorations are. Well last night someone came by and stole them. The wooden yard art, the lights, even the potted plants. So if you have any leads or happen to see someone’s yard that suddenly has lots of new Easter/Spring decor, call the Edmonds Police. Many of the pieces have sentimental value – gifts from families whose kids go there and friends.

You can dial 911 to report any information.


  1. If whoever did this should happen to read this story — if you have an ounce of self-respect you will bring all that stuff back.

  2. Other residents in the area were hit as well. My friends elderly disabled mother lost everything. Hanging plants, large pots, the works. Sad, sad day for her and the community.

  3. Yes, that was my mother who has a patio across from Edmonds park and all the people walking by comment on how beautiful her flowers are on her patio and how much they enjoy looking at them as they pass by, She enters the Edmonds in bloom contest every year and wins often for the patio division, this has given her a broken heart, she lives for her patio and its flowers and plans her flowers every year, She has had three strokes
    this year and all she has is this patio of beautiful , flowers, they also stole her glass patio table along with all her potted flowers and some hand painted flower boxes that I made her, if any one know her stole her flowers pots please return them, my poor mother is now trying to figure out a way to chain down her hanging baskets so that she still can have flowers, I am still trying to think of a way that I still can give my mother flowers for mothers day! what a sad day when someone cannot leave our low income seniors alone and let them have a little joy in their life.
    Loving daughter!


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