Find your metaphysical self at Mind-Body-Spirit event in Edmonds Saturday


Ever wanted to connect with a deceased relative or better understand your pet? Here’s your chance to explore the metaphysical world with six local psychics, mediums and Reiki masters in Edmonds this Saturday.

The Mind-Body-Spirit event will be held in a casual open-house setting at the Snohomish County PUD building, located at 21018 Highway 99 in Edmonds, from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. For $25, attendees will have access to mini-sessions with each of the six practitioners, with specialties ranging from medium readings and animal communication to Chinese facial readings and Reiki.

“Expect the unexpected because you never know what you’re going to get or what the spirit is going to bring forth,” Marc Lainhart, one of the practitioners that will be demonstrating at the event, said.

There has been a significant interest in Chinese face readings this year, according to Darcy Pariso, another one of the practitioners who will be present at the event. These readings consider the subject’s facial structure and features, as well as their age, to evaluate the subject’s personality.

“Every wrinkle tells a story,” said Stacy Calvert, the practitioner who will perform these readings at the event. “It’s very accurate and interesting.”

One practitioner will paint for attendees the portraits of those he reads or envisions during a reading. Another will perform energy healings and balances chakras.

Each hour, the practitioners will introduce themselves and outline their specialties. They will then return to their individual tables and give 15-minute demonstrations of their skills in a sort of metaphysical speed dating format. Attendees are welcome to arrive at anytime during the event and may visit as many of the practitioners as they want. Those interested can schedule full sessions for a future date.

Each attendee will receive a discount coupon to use on their first full session. Additionally, one name will be drawn each hour from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and the winners will receive a free session with one of the practitioners.

The six practitioners participating in the Mind-Body-Spirit event met at the Northwest Mediumship Association, a local group that meets monthly. Calvert co-founded the group to reach people who may have been having metaphysical experiences but did not understand them.

In addition to getting together monthly, the six practitioners in the spotlight Saturday meet every week to practice their skills together. “It’s a really great opportunity,” Calvert said. “It’s wonderful to see people who have these experiences and then give them a place to come and learn to control it.”

They are hosting this weekend’s event to share their talents with the community and to answer any questions that curious attendees may have. “We decided that it was time to step up and share our abilities,” Pariso said. “We really support each other. I see their abilities and I see their growth and it just feels like this is definitely the right time.”

This will be the first event for the group and all of the practitioners are looking forward to sharing their abilities with the community.

“I think it’s important to help people out, give them the tools they need and answer their questions,” Lainhart said. “I feel excited. I don’t get nervous anymore, life is too short to be nervous.”

— By Natalie Covate

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