A poem by Rita Miller


I feel the earth rebelling
From the pain that we have caused.
Its mountains bloodied
Its trees denuded
Its water degraded

And yet when Spring arises
Its fragrance breathes me in
The survivor trees give birth to snowflake petals
White, pink, purple, sweet perfume

Wind blows
Rain falls
Sun peeks out.
A rainbow blooms
Muted, misty, hanging in the sky
Like a lantern of color
Dripping forgiveness
Grateful for the reprieve….

By Rita Miller on a very windy rainy day with petals flying 4/19/14

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  1. Wow., quite an image!……We can thank Japan for all of those flowering Japanese cherry trees…….1929 I believe we received the first ones…..I. love the ” lantern of color” line…..I always think snow at this time because of those trees………Yesterday it was really snowing…….very magical…….and light…..Thank you Rita

  2. Two sides to this poem…….just got the heavy as opposed to the light…..wow

  3. Lovely! Thank you, Rita!

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Congratulations, Rita, on the publication of your thoughtful poem.

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