Salem Lutheran Church creating community garden, and could use your help


Salem Lutheran Church is creating a community garden at 9906 232nd St. S.W. in Edmonds, near the corner of 100th Avenue West and Edmonds Way, and they could use the community’s help.

According to a church announcement:

Salem Lutheran Community Garden will serve the Edmonds area and will help cultivate an appreciation for sustainable organic gardening, promote activities for a healthy lifestyle, provide opportunities for people to grow their own vegetables, and also dedicate a portion of what they grow to local food banks.

Salem Lutheran Church has been interested in pursuing a project like this for some time and has decided that now is right. Salem Lutheran Church view this as an extension of its broader outreach program and as a way to give something back to the Edmonds community where it has been located for over 40 years. The garden is planned to start around April 22 in conjunction with Earth Day.
A project such as this is a large endeavor for a small congregation and the needs are extensive. Materials such as gardening tools, lumber for the construction of the raised beds, seeds, rain barrels, and soil are all needed to make this project a success. Salem Lutheran Church has been in discussions with the City of Edmonds and the Floretum Garden Club on how to best create and manage a project such as this. To make this a true “community” garden Salem Lutheran Church is seeking support in the form of donations from local businesses and people within the Edmonds Area. They need help with a professional design of the layout that maximizes the growing potential of the garden while also taking into account aesthetic appeal, they need help with designing a website that creates a positive image of the garden and the Edmonds community as a whole, and they need help designing some structures such as gazebo for community gatherings and also a rain water harvesting system.
Thirty raised beds are planned for individual gardens and there will be a large communal garden that will be used to help support local food banks.

One of the main focuses of the Salem Lutheran Community Garden is to promote education. Working in phases, they would eventually like to incorporate a rainwater harvesting system, a staged composting area, and displays that promote healthy sustainable lifestyles. To help become more a part of the community this garden is seen where people from the area can come to together, learn about our differences and what makes us unique, and strengthen all of our ties to the community.

Their slogan of “Come Grow With Us” refers to something far broader than gardening in general. Follow their progress on Facebook here.


  1. We will be breaking ground starting at 8-9 am Saturday April 26th. Come by and check us out. There will be plenty to do if you want to stay and help. If you have any used garden tools that are still in good condition, clean 5 gallon buckets, or other items that might be useful let us know. You can paste on our facebook page, the link is in the article

  2. Belated Earth Day volunteering opportunity! We are starting our garden activities at 9 am on Saturday April 26th. Once it is up and running the communal garden will donate fresh vegetables to local food banks. We definitely need help getting this venture started so come by and help out or just check us out. We have a need for gardening supplies if you have them, extra 5 gallon buckets or rain barrels, and even usable pieces of scrap lumber.

  3. Nice that you are getting started. Floretum Garden Club learned a lot in building their garden at the St. Michael’s Orthodox Church. And now you can continue and even use some of our material. The church located on 84th (near Safeway) has been required to provide parking which took away the space for a community garden. Good luck. We hope you will have many gardeners.


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