State Supreme Court rules in favor of Point Wells developer

Proposed site of Point Wells project.
Proposed site of Point Wells project. The Town of Woodway says it would rather see a project that involves about 2,000 housing units, instead of the planned 3,000.

After three years of fighting over legal and environmental issues, a complex of luxury condominiums and an urban village planned at the former tank farm at Point Wells are much closer to moving ahead, our online news partner The Seattle Times reported Friday.

The State Supreme Court found that a Snohomish County board improperly invalidated the development permits a month after they were filed.

The 6-3 ruling by the court on Thursday “is not unexpected,’’ said Woodway Administrator Eric Faison. He said the town is disappointed; it opposes the project for reasons that include potential light pollution and noise.

You can read the complete Seattle Times story here.


  1. The project will be quite the boon for Snohomish County, which will get all the property tax revenue, while Shoreline is stuck with all the traffic and congestion.


  2. Has anyone actually looked at the narrow, basically one lane road adjoining back yards in Richmond Beach? Seems like a Snohomish Co. development should have access through Snohomish County.




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