Edmonds Petanque Club spring league is starting

Participants play the game of petanque at Edmonds Civic Center Field.
Participants play the game of petanque at Edmonds Civic Center Field.

It’s time to come out of hibernation, stretch and see what’s going on around Edmonds.

At the Edmonds Civic Playfield on 6th Avenue, across from the police and fire station, much has happened through the winter months that will make life just a little more fun for a lot of people.

A long-awaited fourth petanque court was installed next to the Boys and Girls Club.

This addition was made possible by a generous donation from the McDevitt Family Foundation to the Boys and Girls Club and to The Edmonds Petanque Club.

In addition, a portable toilet has been installed at the west end of the park and an ADA-approved drinking fountain was added next to the track at the southwest side of the park.

All of these improvements make it more pleasant for the hundreds of people who use this midtown all-purpose park.

As you walk or drive by the Edmonds civic playfield you may notice that many of the people who play the game of petanque there look like they have just returned from a vacation in one of the warm sunny climates of the world.

But in fact these are just a group of hardy petanque players. They like to refer to this suntanned look as “Edmonds rust.”

It only goes to prove that if you are willing to go outdoors throughout the winter in Edmonds when it’s not raining or it’s warmer than 35 degrees, you too can sport an early spring tan.

To give further testimony to the creative nature of these local petanque players, The Edmonds Petanque Club has now launched its first league play.

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening starting on April 29 and ending in mid-June, you’ll see teams of players competing in league play to enhance their skills and enjoy each other’s company.

Be sure to stop by and find out how you too might be able to enjoy the game of petanque.

You will find that the players are friendly and open to having you learn how and when you can join them in this game at one of their many non-league sessions during the week.

— By Dick Van Hollebeke

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