Edmonds TOP Food reported to be closing


Top-FoodsAlthough we have not yet received official confirmation from parent company Haggen Inc., we have heard reports that the Edmonds TOP Food and Drug store at 220th Street Southwest and Highway 99 is closing.

A source at the store said that Edmonds TOP Food employees learned today, Thursday, that the store would be closing in July.

City of Edmonds Development Director Shane Hope, who is assisting with Economic Development Director duties following the departure of Stephen Clifton, said this in an email: “We had heard a company wanted to buy out the Top Foods location but we didn’t know who. As you probably know, Top Foods has been selling off some of its stores (e.g. in Shoreline).” The city has not yet learned which company might be taking over the Edmonds store, Hope said.

Haggen Inc. closed several stores, including the Shoreline TOP Food at 175th Street, in 2013.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.



  1. Say it is’t so ! The Haggen’s store in Stanwood is another quality shopping experience. Why do I have suspicion that Swedish Edmonds offered to buy the property? Since they continue to expand and no apparent property left to develop! Hope I’m wrong!

  2. The most delicious bread in all of Edmonds. That’s too bad. I hope that doesn’t mean Tully’s is going too. But the real sad story is everyone who’s losing their jobs. I wish them well in finding other positions.

  3. This is very concerning for the area. within the last couple of years, we have seen 2 grocery stores close and nothing fill the void and more home construction in the area. Also, the Haggen company offered brands and foods that I don’t see the other chains picking up. Woodinville and Snohomish are too far for residents to shop (unless they work in these areas). We need an answer and some information to the statement “a lease agreement could not be worked out.” Why could this not happen? Did Haggen even bother to try and work out a lease deal? Did the land owner have unreasonable expectations? What is the real story?

    • Sorry to tell you Jan it is going to happen. A few days so the Everett Herald published a lengthy article explaining all the store closure Haggen’s has announced. The confusion in my mind is the initial explanation for the Edmonds store closure was due to a renewal lease agreement not being successful. Then the article in the Herald said the reason for multiple closure was due to their inability to remain competitive. So I guess one could say Haggen’s intended to keep the Edmonds location when it seems contradictory to action already taken.

  4. Just today one of the people in charge at the Edmonds store told me the lease wasn’t being renewed by the owner of the property. I’m very sad as I’ve been shopping there at least 20 years.

  5. Is there a way of petitioning to keep this store open? It’s a great neighborhood store, and we know the quality of help, the pharmacy and all.

    • Rumor is that it IS going to be a Winco Foods. I hope so. Tired of driving to the Everett location. But, like I said, for now it’s just a rumor, so don’t quote me.

  6. This is really disappointing. I just moved up here a month ago and it quickly became my favorite store. Not to mention the fact that they are a block from my apartment, have a great bakery and carry things that I can’t find elsewhere.

    • This is even more concerning if Swedish took over this building. There are so many medical facilities already in the vicinity and area. I think we really need to think hard about the Edmonds area becoming Pill Hill of the North and is that what we really want it to become? I fear we are close to being that.

      • I had suspected Swedish would expand into the Top Food location but yesterday I checked the hospital website and they indicate their expansion will be on the existing campus. Doesn’t seem plausible to me but it would be cost effective for them to remain on the current property for the 77,000 sq. ft project.

  7. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the store is now closed. I sure hope something goes into the space soon.


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