Justin McMahon kicks off campaign for 21st District House of Representatives seat

 Justin McMahon with supporters at the conclusion of his Thursday evening campaign kickoff event.
Justin McMahon with supporters at the conclusion of his Thursday evening campaign kickoff event.

It was a gala evening at the Edmonds Senior Center as Edmonds resident Justin McMahon formally kicked off his run to represent the 21st Legislative District in Olympia.

With more than 50 enthusiastic supporters in attendance, McMahon hammered home his key messages of funding public schools, fighting homelessness, keeping our streets safe, and cleaning up Puget Sound.

“It’s a privilege to live next to something this magnificent,” he said. “We need to focus on protecting this amazing body of water and the watershed that feeds it.”

But his most passionate remarks came when he addressed social issues like homelessness, families in need, and keeping our streets safe.

“Thousands of people right here in Snohomish County go to bed homeless each night,” he said. “I grew up in a working class family that depended on food stamps, and I know what it’s like to do without.”

McMahon is flanked by Reps. Luis Moscaso, D-Mountlake Terrace, and Steve Bergquist, D-Renton, who made an appearance at the campaign kickoff.
McMahon is flanked by Reps. Luis Moscaso, D-Mountlake Terrace, and Steve Bergquist, D-Renton, who made an appearance at the campaign kickoff.

Stressing his commitment to ensuring that corrections officers are safe on the streets, he cited his recent endorsement by Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary. “I and Sheriff Trenary believe safe streets are essential to strong communities,” he said, “and I am committed to providing the necessary resources to make this happen.”

A student at the University of Washington-Bothell, McMahon concluded by stressing his core value of giving back to the community through progressive change from the grass roots up.

Justin McMahon with his wife, Natalia Fior.
Justin McMahon with his wife, Natalia Fior.

“It’s how I was brought up,” he said. “This community has nurtured me from childhood, and I’m passionate to do everything I can to pay it back.”

The 21st Legislative District covers all of Mukilteo, most of Edmonds and parts of Lynnwood and Everett.

— Story and photos by Larry Vogel



  1. What do you think about our broken Workers Comp and Mental Health System in WA Sir? DO YOU THINK THEIR BROKEN? jUST asking, for if none of our leaders think the Workers comp system is not broken, then it will continue to harm workers in our State, and that’s not good, is it, Sir? Please let us all know how you feel about our BROKEN workers comp and mental health systems? Peace and good luck. As a Dem for the past 30 years, I’ve really felt burnt by others lately in our party that have allowed the GRAND bargain to be stolen from labor through our workers comp and HMO’s, while we were all busy laboring, all for big insurance and big corps to maintain great comp rates on the backs of injured workers who had all those takes aways in the 2011 workers comp bill. The takeaways from labor that big bis said were needed to bring in more jobs…. Well? Where are the jobs? And big his has it’s takeaways in place, but how did labor fair on that DEAL….. not well… our own Dems are voting to help erode our Grand Bargain… Are you going to put big insurance interest ahead of that of the patients WA State as things are going now? Just asking sir… Peace and I do wish you good luck, but as a life long Dem, up to now. I want to know if your going to be a turn coat on labor, ahead of time, this time around. The Megaphone Effect: Reclaiming Recovery Broken? Yes or No Sir? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahsprUekAI0

  2. PS, You can even answere back right here sir. IM positive a few other folks would like to know your true feelings and views in this issue that is harming folks in our would today. Peace and don’t you love this new OPEN GOV. I think it’s really good for all? But it would be nice if you opened up your face book page so I could ask you questions like this directly, but I guess that is only for the elected officials who truly believe in an open government.

  3. Please don’t be like Marko and say that WC is a trickle down affect on our world and that it bring in big biss that rains down goodness on all the rest of us…. You see for those of us it’s killing. It’ s not working and it’s Broken…. And if leaders cant’ admit that out the gate as Dems running for office then, I don’t know what to say?

  4. I only ask these questions sir because folks are being harmed and dying from the delays and wrongful denials of care in a system that we were not supposed to be proving our injuries to start with, OR other wise, I and many others would be sueing their buts at this time but are hinder legislatively and eccomnomically from doing so…. In other other words our little civil stingers for which to fight back with have been taken away, and we have a med board that is condoning and allowing the abuse to go on in our health care….. What do you plan to do to address this abusive broken system sir?

  5. Or will you just continue to ignore? the problem? The Crazy One is showing you? As I did one of your predessesors, who referred to me as, The Crazy One on twitter over all this mess.and was an ER Dr. from Oympia…All though he claimed he got hacked right when I asked him this same question. Is workers comp broken Yes or not sir? Well to make a long story short he got voted out this last time around, but the funny part is that the Rep who replaced him takes money just as he was from out of State insurance interest. So either way WE THE Patients, interests, were not being put fourth first. So I really just want to be assured you are not going to be one of those folks who gets us to vote you in on the D letter, only to sell out labor and patients interest, to out side big Insurance industries interests once your in. Once again just asking sir, for if we are truly to be open and transparent, this is a question any potential Dem should be able to answer in public. .

  6. YOU may turn out to be AWESOME, but as a Dem of many many years I really want to know your stance on these two key issues that really do affect labor, and the health and well being of our community.

  7. This candidate and ALL candidates easily researched on the internet.

    This candidate also spoke a couple of months ago at the Edmonds City Council meeting in regards to marijuana. I believe that City Council meeting was taped to view.

    Voters and citizens. please research ALL candidates

    Time well spent.

    • No he can not be reach at his FB, he blocked me out. And alls I did was ask if he feels the WA Workers Comp system is broken? Yes or NO. Its that simple. Im not asking about his MJ Stance? Im asking about a broken workers com and hmos system, this is harming many in our world. So if he is letting you on his page, Would you please ask him that very same question then I can read it. You see I don’t go out much do to a broken system. It’s a simple question. DO YOU FELL THE WORKERS COMP SYSTEM IS BROKEN YES OR NO SIR? Please feel free to cop and past this…. Peace to all at the table in our world one day. Even our aging injured workers being cheated out of their grand bargain by bis. Please feel free to copy and past, and pose this question to all our folks running for office. The more open and transparent we can be the better off were all going to be, to hide things from the public, has gotten all of us into the mess that were in.


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