Marsh Walk highlights valuable resource

Earth Works' Keeley O'Connell leads visitors on today's Marsh Walk.

Keeley O’Connell, center in red jacket, leads visitors on today’s Marsh Walk. (Photo by Janette Turner)

A group of forty visitors toured the Edmonds Marsh today to learn about the ecosystem and plans to reduce area flooding. Leader Keeley O’Connell of EarthCorps said that 98 percent of similar Puget Sound marshes have been destroyed, and the Edmonds Marsh represents most of the remaining 2 percent. Today’s walk was sponsored by Celebrate Edmonds, as part of FeetFirst and Jane’s Walks, an international weekend celebrating walkable communities. To find out more about efforts to create more walkable communities, see the FeetFirst website here. And to find out more about supporting our natural habitat, see the EarthCorps website.

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  1. If you missed Saturday’s marsh walk, the Pilchuck Chapter of the Audubon Society has asked me to lead one next Saturday (5/10) for International Migratory Bird Day. We will be logging the birds we see at the marsh. Details can be found on Pilchick’s website.

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