Bill Morton’s second poem transforms caterpillars


Butterflies Remembered

By Bill Morton

There they are, up in the tree,
Summer is here, waiting for thee,
Caterpillars will soon butterflies be.
Beautiful on wings,
Yet reminding us of past
tragedies that last.
Beautiful Zoe, struck down too early
In her home in the Valley.
A would be lover
crazed on meth
beat her and a friend
to their final breath.
A butterfly, tattooed to to her shoulder,
identified her as Zoe.
Butterflies now
Remind me of her.
As they flutter by,
I say “Hi, Zoe, remember me?”
Her dear mother too,
Has now gone to rest,
and sometimes flies by
in butterfly form –
So I say “Hello, Joey,
You’ve joined with Zoe,
darling of your life
as you were to me.”
So butterflies, “keep flying by me
I know who you are.”
From near and from far
I know that you both
Are still in my heart,
And know too,
That we’re not far apart.
So butterflies, keep coming,
for memories of you.
Never a butterfly
That I haven’t loved.
“You were that,
Love of my Life.”

Edmonds resident Bill Morton, Ed.D, was a member of Lynnwood Rotary for 25 years after retiring from 30 years as an educator, serving as the grant writer in two school districts, speech therapist, audiologist and administrator of special education. He traveled to Kenya, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, and Peru to administer Rotary education and teacher training programs. He is currently writing memoirs celebrating the love of his life, JoAnn Stevens (Morton), who passed away on June 19, 2013.

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