Edmonds-area high school students of month, May 2014


Edmonds eLearning

e-Learning-Ashley Danielson-May Student Name: Ashley Danielson
Mother’s Name: Sandra Gilman
Father’s Name: James Danielson
GPA: 3.0
Current Employment: I currently volunteer at a local coffee shop and in the summer will be working at Coastal Community Bank.
Future Educational Goals: I’ll attend community college for two years then go to a university to pursue my teaching credentials.
Future Career Goals: To be a teacher for little kids.

e-Learning-Jonathan Peterson-MayStudent Name: Jonathan Peterson
Mother’s Name: Juli Peterson
Father’s Name: Duane Peterson
Current Employment: I am currently working full-time in the construction industry while completing my senior year through the school district e-learning program. The e-learning program has allowed me the flexibility to work while I complete the class requirements for graduation.
Future Educational Goals: I plan to get a degree in diesel mechanics as well as my commercial truck driving license.
Future Career Goals: My goal is to be an on-site diesel mechanic for a large construction company. I would like to be able to operate and repair heavy machinery.
Anything else we should know? I’m the e-Learning Student of the Month.

Edmonds Heights K-12

EHK12-Silas Maglaqui-MayStudent Name: Silas Maglaqui
Mother’s Name: Cynthia Maglaqui
Father’s Name: Rodel Maglaqui
GPA: 3.8
Clubs & Activities: I participated in the 2013-14 First Tech Challenge season, with our school’s team “Atomic Robotics.” I was the Team Captain, and we double qualified for the State tournament, and went on to finishing in the Semi-Finals (Top 12). We ended the season on a good note by receiving the “Motivate” award.
Athletics: I’m currently training six days a week in preparation to enlist in the U.S. Navy. My workouts include running, swimming, calisthenics, and weight lifting.  I’m also in my 10th consecutive year of martial arts.
Honors: I received my First Degree Black Belt in martial arts in May, 2013.
Awards: Various awards over the years from Robotics: “Outstanding Student/Senpai (Senior student)” award in martial arts.
Community Service: I’ve participated in several outreach projects with my church youth group over the last four years. Many of them involved feeding the hungry.
Culminating Project: I did my senior project on martial arts and how it ties in with my decision to enlist in the Navy.
Future Educational Goals: After my time in the Navy, I plan to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering at a university or college.
Future Career Goals: I hope to be a mechanical engineer one day, possibly in the field of Robotics.
Anything else we should know? I am the only member of my family that has completed my entire education through Edmonds Heights K-12.

EHK12-Amber Beach-MayStudent’s Name: Amber Beach
Clubs & Activities: Musical Theater
ASB: Secretary for Musical Theater ASB Club
Awards: American Sign Language Honors Society Laurent Clerc Medal
Community Service: Edmonds Community College Community Garden and Cultural Kitchen; Edmonds Community College Anthropology Department
Culminating Project: Stage Manager for the Student Directed Musical: You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Current Employment: Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza
Future Educational Goals: I Plan to double major in performing arts and education.
Future Career Goals: I hope one day to own my own theater company and teach children the beautiful world and art of theater.

Edmonds-Woodway High School

EWH-Courtney Gu-MayStudent Name: Courtney Gu
Mother’s Name: Cynthia Yu
Father’s Name: James Gu
GPA: 3.9
Clubs & Activities: Violin and piano lessons; Chamber Orchestra; National Honors Society; Tri-M Music Honors Society Treasurer; Founder of the Project Unify Club; EWHS DECA Washington Association for Chinese Education Project Manager; Edmonds Arts Commission Student Representative; Nordstrom BP Fashion Board Member
ASB: EWHS Junior Class Appointed Officer; Local Association of Student Council Inter-high Representative.
Honors: United Way Ambassador; Exhibitor at 2013 University of Washington Brain Awareness Week
Awards: National Merit Scholarship Commended Student; DECA Area 2 Competition, third place in Fashion Merchandising Promotion Plan; medalist, Washington State Career and Development DECA conference; Diversity Makes a Difference scholarship finalist
Community Service: Teen Leadership Council at Youth United; EWHS Key Club Vice President; Volunteer at Youth United; Fabric of Life Volunteer.
Current Employment: Destiny Merchandising Marketing Intern
Future Educational Goals: I plan to study business at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
Future Career Goals: I see myself in a challenging but rewarding career in a marketing or communications related field.
Anything else we should know? I am a full International Baccalaureate diploma candidate.

EWH-Alexandra Alderson-MayStudent Name: Ali Alderson
Mother’s Name: Erika Alderson
Father’s Name: Justin Alderson
GPA: 3.99
Clubs & Activities: Prom Committee, 2013-2014; National Honor Society, 2012-2014; tutoring, 2012-2014; Spanish and IB Biology
ASB: Elected Class Secretary my junior and senior years
Athletics: EWHS Dance Team, 2012-2014 and Co-Captain this year; Performing Company at Olympic Ballet Theater, 2010-2012.
Honors: Distinguished student in IB Spanish 3 and IB Anatomy and Physiology
Awards: All-American at UDA dance camp
Community Service: Freezin’ for a Reason, 2012, 2013; Additional canned food drive for Edmonds Food Bank; Tutoring for two years; IB Biology Review Sessions junior and senior years; Blood donor 2013 and 2014; Volunteer for Race for the Cure, 2012-14; Volunteer for Dreas Dream with the EWHS Dance Team 2012, 13.
Culminating Project: Full International Baccalaureate – My extended essay was about US-Soviet Relations during the détente
Current Employment: Internship this summer with Elite Dance Camp
Future Educational Goals: I plan on majoring in Biology at the University of Washington, then moving on to medical school.
Future Career Goals: I hope to receive my M.D., and work as either an anesthesiologist or virologist (researching and developing vaccines).
Anything else we should know? Thank you so much for this honor!

Meadowdale High School

MHS-Kurt Blancaflor-MayStudent Name: Kurt Blancaflor
Mother’s Name: Nercita Blancaflor
Father’s Name: Dennis Blancaflor
GPA: 4.0
Honors: I am currently enrolled in five AP classes including Government, BC Calculus, Computer Science, Chemistry, and Literature & Composition. In total, I’ve taken eight AP classes and some Running Start classes during my junior year.
Awards: I’ve received the “Student of the Month” award for a certain class each year for the past three years. In addition to this, I received the Senior Award from the language department for Japanese as a junior.
Community Service: I actively volunteered at my former elementary school during my first three years in High School. I helped teachers by completing tasks that needed to be done, such as grading and assisting students in need. More importantly, I enjoyed myself immensely while working with the kids and I made many great friends. Before I knew it, I had accumulated over 600 hours of volunteer work. I received the bronze, silver, and gold presidential awards for volunteer service in my freshman, sophomore, and junior years, respectively.
Culminating Project: I conducted a research project to enter into the local science fairs. My research revolved around holographic display systems. After reviewing current research, I set out to develop a method of my own. I came up with a method for manipulating fog (from a fog machine) using sound waves. I attempted to concentrate the sound waves to contain the fog in a spherical shape. In theory, once the fog is contained, light could be projected onto it to produce a spherical image in midair. With this project, I received an honorable mention at the Central Sound Regional Science and Engineering Fair (CSRSEF) and second place for my category at the Washington State Science and Engineering Fair (WSSEF). Although the science fairs have passed, this project is not yet complete. At the moment, the system isn’t ideal but as soon as certain hardware issues are resolved, I predict that we’ll be able to produce promising results.
Current Employment: I do not have a job at the moment, and have not volunteered for over a year. However, I am considering getting a job over the summer to help pay for college expenses. I think that I would have fun being a waiter, especially if I could find a comfortable restaurant to work at.
Future Educational Goals: I’m looking forward to attending the University of Washington in September. I don’t know what I want to major in, but I hope to explore different areas of interest during my first two years.
Future Career Goals: Since my educational goals are not set in stone, my career goals have yet to be developed. I’ve been having several philosophical talks with my friends about career choices and the many paths of life. I guess that, at the moment, all I know about my future is that I want to help other people. I don’t know exactly how I’ll accomplish this, but I’m confident that I’ll figure it out someday.
Anything else we should know? Thank you for the recognition!

MHS-Jacey Carrier-MayStudent Name: Jacey Carrier
Mother’s Name: Michelle Carrier
Father’s Name: Jeff Carrier
Clubs & Activities: I have been a part of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club at Meadowdale for the last two years. Outside of school, I attend Alderwood Community Church, where I have been blessed with opportunity to serve God and His people as a small group leader of sophomore girls.
Awards: Past student of the month awards
Community Service: I volunteered at a home for elders in downtown Edmonds this year to complete my senior project. I interviewed a few of the residents and wrote a short biography on each of their lives, which was later placed in the monthly newsletter as the “Resident Spotlight.”
Current Employment: I just completed a 20-month term at Vision Quest Sport and Fitness gym as a childcare provider. But I am looking forward to a full summer working as a nanny for two precious young girls.
Future Educational Goals: I’ll attend Shoreline Community college this fall. After two years, I plan to transfer to a university and major in Biblical Studies.
Future Career Goals: My dream, God-willing, is to become an author. I would like to influence truth in the life of young teenage girls with my writing.
Anything else we should know? I will be traveling to Albania this summer to teach English and share the grace of Christ.
Scriber Lake High School

SLH-Joe Brown-MayStudent Name: Joe Brown
Mother’s Name: Wendy Brown
Father’s Name: Don Brown
GPA: 2.5
Awards: After 12 years of being in the scouting program, I earned my Eagle Scout award. It was hard but with the help of my fellow scouts and my mom I was able to accomplish it.
Community Service: I have volunteered at Christmas House helping poor families get free presents for their children and I have also volunteered at Food Lifeline packing food for poor families.
Culminating Project:  I interviewed people in the massage therapy world to find out if this is really what I want to do.
Future Educational Goals: Eventually, I would like to attend the Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy
Future Career Goals: I would like to be a massage therapist.
Anything else we should know? I am in a class called INSTEP and we go on trips, experience nature and learn about art, history and physical activity. This is an amazing class and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to be in it.

SLH-Monica Burdick-MayStudent Name: Monica Burdick
Mother’s Name: Stephanie Russell
Father’s Name: Matthew Burdick
Clubs & Activities: I was a W.O.W. Leader last year. W.O.W. was a girls only group that let all of us ladies here at Scriber get to know one another on a more personal level. It allowed us to know that we are never alone in our journeys and struggles.
Community Service: I briefly volunteered at Animal Talk Pet Rescue Shelter.
Culminating Project: For my project, I Baked Lemon Bars for our Holiday Buffet and I lead a small group of students in baking the lemon bars, as a second half.
Future Educational Goals: Possibly to attend Seattle Art Institute and join their Culinary Courses, so I can get started in Baking.
Future Career Goals: I want to own my own Family Style Bakery.
Anything else we should know? I’m going to sing the National Anthem at my graduation.



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