Edmonds-based RVtravel.com to launch weekly talk show in new studio

Editor Chuck Woodbury in the studio.
Editor Chuck Woodbury in the studio.

If you enjoy recreational vehicle travel, be sure to tune in to a new, weekly television-type talk show, RV Talk Live, that makes its debut this Saturday, June 14 at 9 a.m.,  from the new Edmonds-based video production studio of RVtravel.com. The inaugural program will be streamed live on the RV Travel Channel, the most-watched on YouTube in America about RVing with 14,000 views a day.

The 45-minute program will be hosted by RVtravel.com editor and Edmonds resident Chuck Woodbury. This week’s guest will be Christopher Dougherty, a certified RV technician, who will appear via Skype from Springfield, Mass. RV electric expert Mike Sokol will join Woodbury on the second program, June 21

Woodbury and his guests will answer questions previously received from RVtravel.com readers, as well from viewers watching the program live via chat. The show will be archived on the RV Travel Channel as well as on Vimeo.com, both in its entirety and in individual segments based on subject matter.

Sponsors for the inaugural program are RVpowerOutlet.com, Cheapheat and Hatchlift.

Woodbury says the number of people who “tune in” is to be determined. “We’ll likely have a modest crowd for the live webcast, but that will represent a tiny fraction of the overall viewership over time,” he said. “We may end up with only 50,000 viewers in a year or it could be 200,000 or more. What I do know is that we will promote the show heavily to build a large, cable TV-sized audience.”

Woodbury said the show will normally originate from the company’s new video studio in Edmonds, but it may occasionally go on the road. “We’re pursuing the idea of doing it from RV shows and rallies,” he said.

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