Edmonds man charged with voyeurism, remains free on bail


Edmonds resident David Gregg McMillen was arraigned Monday, June 16 at the Kent Regional Justice Center on two counts of voyeurism (see My Edmonds News article here). He remains free on $25,000 bail.

The charges stem from two separate incidents in which McMillen allegedly recorded sexually explicit videos of women without their knowledge or consent. The incidents took place in May and June of 2013, both in King County.

A former science teacher at Selah Junior High in Yakima County, McMillen was dismissed from his job in 2011 for allegedly mounting a video camera under the desk of a female student to capture “upskirt” videos. Another video camera was found concealed inside a radio alarm clock mounted directly in front of the victim’s assigned work station. Detectives from the Selah Police Department conducted a “very intensive” investigation, and as a result McMillen was charged with one count of voyeurism, two counts of attempted voyeurism, and one count of tampering with physical evidence. He is currently pending trial in Yakima County on these charges.

As previously reported, McMillen had amassed a collection of “approximately 1,500” sexually explicit videos on two external hard drives, which he kept in his home overlooking Edmonds’ Hummingbird Hill Park. According to the detective’s report, the videos show McMillen “having sex with various women“ one of which appeared to be “approximately 14 years old.” Additionally many of the videos show “young female victims being surreptitiously filmed in locations including…Wal-Mart stores, shopping malls, outdoor locations, going up escalators, restaurants, hotel rooms, and espresso stands.” The latter show baristas “exposing themselves as he (McMillen) paid high tips.”

Turned over to detectives by McMillen’s estranged wife in January, the videos provided critical evidence in support of the current charges, and are being closely examined here and in other Washington counties for possible additional criminal charges.

This evidence led to issuance of a search warrant by the Yakima County Superior Court for his home and vehicle. The warrant was served on May 14 by Edmonds Police and the U.S. Secret Service. During the raid, authorities found the kitchen table positioned to overlook Hummingbird Hill Park, a pair of binoculars on the counter next to the table and a piece of paper that appeared to be a logbook documenting activities of neighborhood adults and children.

McMillen’s next court appearance is set for Aug. 7, an omnibus hearing at which the court will determine the admissibility of evidence and provide the prosecutor and defense counsel with an opportunity to enter motions such as continuance or dismissal. The court may also set a trial date at this time.

— By Larry Vogel

5 Replies to “Edmonds man charged with voyeurism, remains free on bail”

  1. There is something wrong with a system that would let someone who appears to be having sex w ith a fourteen year old and many other females in homemade videos be out on bail………Clearly there is something wrong here………and $25,000 hard to believe…….Thoughts of Gary Ridgeway come to mind……he had said he hooked up with all the girls and women because law enforcement didn’t care……considered them throw away anyway…….Unless it is a different person, there is another address on highway 99 for the same name……..Ridgway also used 99………Someone ought to get creative and figure out how to clean it up……..many victims on 99 FOREVER……these aren’t throwaway people



  2. Ms. Ryder’s comments suggest to me that there may be some misunderstanding about the facts in this case, specifically regarding the ages of Mr. McMillen’s alleged victims.

    My primary sources for writing this article were the charging documents and the detective’s report prepared by Detective Richard Brumley of the Selah Police Department. These are public documents, and are available to anyone from the King County Prosecutor’s office. Language taken directly from these documents is in quotation marks in my article.

    One of these quotes refer to video images of women who appear to be “approximately 14 years old.” There is a big difference between appearing to be 14 and actually being 14. Nothing in any documents I have uncovered indicate that these persons have been identified, or that their ages have been established.

    At this point, Mr. McMillen has been charged by the King County Prosecutor with two counts of voyeurism, both of which involve women who have been identified, interviewed, made sworn statements, and are over the Washington State age of consent. These are adults whom McMillen is accused of videoing without their knowledge or consent. At this time there is no proof that underage persons were involved.

    As reported in my article, the video and other evidence continues to be examined here and in other Washington counties. Sorting through the approximately 1500 videos seized in May, identifying, locating, and interviewing the individuals involved, and determining whether there is sufficient evidence to bring charges is a tremendous task which I do not expect to be completed any time soon. Depending on the findings, additional criminal charges may be filed.

    We are fortunate to live in a nation of laws which include codified individual rights and a justice system to ensure their protection. One of these is that no one may be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law. Mr. McMillen’s case is now in the hands of this justice system, which will determine the outcome.




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