Happening nearby: Lynnwood City Council votes 4-3 to ban fireworks

The Lynnwood City Council voted 4-3 to ban the sale and discharge of fireworks within the city limits at Monday’s special business meeting.

Voting for the ban were City Council President Loren Simmonds, Vice-President Sid Roberts and Councilmembers Ruth Ross and M. Christopher Boyer. Those opposed to the ban were Councilmembers Ian Cotton, Benjamin Goodwin and Van AuBuchon.

The vote took place after a nearly two-hour work session in which a proposal by Cotton that would limit fireworks sales to four days and allow discharge of those fireworks only on July 4 with a permit was discussed.

The new law will not take effect until 2015.

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  1. My head says smart move, but my heart is broken! I feel like I just had to grow up all over again.

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