Now open for dinner: 50’s Burger Bar takes place of Main Street Burgers


50s burger barThe 1950s-style burger restaurant next door to the Edmonds Bakery has reopened — with an adult twist.

According to owner Joe Bellingham, the 50’s Burger Bar — formerly Main Street Burgers — will be serving local Edmonds and Seattle beers as well as domestic and import beers. “We have a limited top-shelf spirits selection and we are offering home-made spiked milkshakes,” he noted.

In addition, the restaurant “features a selection of amazing burgers made with local grass-fed beef, fresh battered cod & chips that we make ourselves, classic diner-style hot sandwiches, and yummy leafy goodness with four different salads. All our bread is made next door at the Edmonds Bakery. We also have a full dessert menu featuring classic style milkshakes, malts, sundaes and the banana split.

Hours are Tuesday-Thursday 5-10 p.m., Friday and Saturday 5-11 p.m. The restaurant will open starting today — June 4 — but the official grand opening is July 4 during the Edmonds 4th of July celebration, Bellingham said.


    • Not catering to a lunch crowd or families that want to catch an early movie and then pop over for a burger and shake is going to hurt them. Not being open by 11 on Saturday is bad business for a restaurant. Not being open on Sunday in Edmonds as a restaurant is a death wish. They’ll have a hard time competing with Hamburger Harry’s, which is open every day and without odd hours. It’ll only take a few times of “Oh, I guess the new place isn’t open, let’s go to Hamburger Harry’s” to be forgotten.

  1. Glad to see them re-opening. The food is really good. I have friends in Brier who used to come to Edmonds to eat there. I also like the fact that they use the Edmonds Bakery for their bread. Which, of course, is why they are closed on Sundays and Mondays; the same days the Bakery is closed.

  2. Sandy B’s, Main Street Burgers and now 50s Burger Bar – let’s hope three times the charm and this most recent incarnation lasts longer than a few months. I’m glad they’ll be open for dinner.

  3. Would go for lunch or snack,,but this is not a dinner place, in my opinion. Play oldies music and have dancing at dinner time, then yes!

  4. Very friendly and eager to please. Lots of folks poked their heads in during the Art Walk. Was ready to try the fish and chips but at 7:30 were already out of fish. Hope they can stay around longer than the last 2 tries. Would go for lunch if they were open.

  5. How anyone can purchase anything from the Edmonds Bakery is beyond me. If this place serves their bread, then I’ll pass.

  6. Lili – what’s wrong with the Edmonds Bakery? High prices? Stale bread? Poor service? Too busy? More details please.


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