Rotary Club of Lynnwood presents Youth Challenge Awards


Seventy-five youth from Snohomish County were recognized in the areas of community service, courage, creativity, leadership/inspiration and a group award by the Rotary Club of Lynnwood along with b2c Publishing and Awards of Praise.

Ingrid Ricks, a New York Times bestselling author, gave an inspirational talk for the teens in attendance.

The following were award winners:
  • Group Award – Everett Making a Difference
  • Community Service – Heewon Lee
  • Courage – Christian Bagdadi
  • Creativity – Kyle Brooks
  • Leadership/Inspiration – Spencer Graham, Trever Tuck


  1. Great to see Kyle Brooks on the list! He also received an academic scholarship from the Rotary Club of Lynnwood this past May!

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