Updated: Edmonds man living above Hummingbird Hill Park who secretly videoed young women and children facing voyeurism charges

avid McMillen's residence above Edmonds' Hummingbird Hill Park, where authorities found video recording devices and handwritten records of activities in the park.  McMillen, who is suspected of taking hundreds of secret, sexually explicit videos of young women and children, will be arraigned Monday on voyeurism charges.
David McMillen’s residence above Edmonds’ Hummingbird Hill Park, where authorities found handwritten records of activities in the park. McMillen, who is suspected of taking hundreds of secret, sexually explicit videos of young women and children, will be arraigned Monday on voyeurism charges.

While the Edmonds Police Department investigation into this case is continuing, as an assist to the Selah Police Department, further information obtained by Edmonds police indicate that there were not cameras pointing into Hummingbird Hill Park at the time the search warrant was served. We have updated our story to reflect that fact.

Edmonds resident and former Eastern Washington science teacher David Gregg McMillen will be arraigned Monday at the Kent Regional Justice Center on two counts of voyeurism stemming from incidents which took place in King County, both of which involve use of hidden cameras to record sexually explicit videos of young women without their knowledge.

But these two charges are just the tip of the iceberg.

The 53-year-old McMillen is also suspected of taking hundreds of secret explicit videos of young women in Selah and King County, and also a notebook documenting activities of children and adults in Edmonds’ Hummingbird Hill Park.

On May 13, agents from the Edmonds Police Department and the U.S. Secret Service served a search warrant on McMillen’s vehicle and home overlooking Hummingbird Hill Park. They found several security cameras aimed at the park, and a logbook documenting dates and times of activities in the park, involving children and adult. The kitchen table and a pair of binoculars were positioned to provide a view of the park and children’s play area. Other camera mounts were found in his vehicle, allegedly used to secretly film bikini baristas exposing themselves for tips.

David McMillen in 2011. (Source: KIMA-TV)
David McMillen in 2011. (Source: KIMA-TV)

This is not McMillen’s first brush with sexual voyeurism laws. In 2011, while employed as a science teacher at Selah Junior High School in eastern Washington, he allegedly mounted a miniature camera under the desk of a female student to capture “upskirt” videos. After a male student accidentally fell from his chair and discovered the camera under a fellow female student’s desk, McMillen assured both students that he would destroy the camera’s memory card if they would not report the incident to the school administration. The students reported it anyway. Dismissed from his 18-year job, McMillen was charged with attempted voyeurism and tampering with physical evidence. He is currently pending trial on these charges.

McMillen’s more recent activities might have remained secret, but for an argument with his wife last fall that escalated into his arrest by Edmonds police. Charged with fourth-degree domestic violence, he was tried on Jan. 3. According to the court, he was put on a stipulated order of continuance, contingent on paying a fine, no contact with the victim, and enrollment in a victim awareness class.

Subsequent to his arrest and before leaving the family home, his wife secured two external hard drives in the belief that they contained family financial records. According to charging documents, she instead found “approximately 1,500” homemade videos showing her husband having sex with various women, many of whom appeared to be in their early teens. The videos also show “mostly young female victims being surreptitiously filmed in locations including…Wal-Mart stores, shopping malls, outdoor locations, going up escalators, restaurants, hotel rooms, a high school track meet and espresso stands.” The latter show baristas “exposing themselves as he (McMillen) paid high tips.”

While the current charges involve only two of the women identified in the videos, the evidence continues to be examined here and in other Washington counties for consideration of additional criminal charges.

The detective’s report filed with the court concludes by stating that “McMillen disguises cameras and surreptitiously films women and young girls in a variety of locations. The evidence clearly shows that he prefers young teenage girls. Even after losing his job with the Selah School District and gaining significant media attention, McMillen has continued to commit voyeurism and will continue unless forced to stop. I believe that his compulsive behavior is escalating, and that he is a threat to public safety. I urge the court to place him into custody.”

This could happen at Monday’s arraignment.

— Story by Larry Vogel


  1. Larry, honestly I don’t like the story, not because this guy deserves some respect but I am sure you can focus on many positive stories around Edmonds.

    • There are plenty of stories of the positive ways Edmonds is thriving. Therefore, I see nothing wrong with keeping us informed on these events and looking out for the safety of our residents. This is a valuable story.

  2. So this guy is still walking free – wow, I guess the police are just hoping he doesn’t hurt anymore kids this weekend? Happy Father’s day!

  3. Thanks Larry for this story. As a father of a teen daughter I appreciate the information on this sicko or any other predators in our area. Not every story can be be warm and fuzzy.

  4. Thanks for the story. If we only focus on the positive, that leaves us vulnerable to people like McMillen who are preying on the young. Sad that he is still out and free. Hopefully not for long.

  5. I agree with Jim. Great story. Thank you for keeping us informed, that is what we come here for. Maybe if the aggressor reads this it will make him lay low. Sounds like the situation has rekindled a few times. Truly disgusting.

  6. I also agree that this is truly newsworthy. I want to know about this so I can be reminded that we as parents cannot be complacent in regards to our children’s safety. Predators can be anywhere. Unlike the previous poster I want to hear all things good and bad that affect my neighbourhood. Good story.

  7. Wow thank you so much for alerting us to the fact that we have a predator in our backyard. My kids play at that park on a regular basis! He is just a block from my home! Too close for comfort.

  8. I can see both this guys house and the park from my home. Thank you for publishing this story. The park is often used as a short cut by teenagers out walking. Parts of the park are not visible from the street so it is doubly important that people living in the area are aware of the situation and are on alert for potential problems.

    Edmonds is a wonderful place to live, but it is not a perfect place to live and like Roger writes,”Predators can be anywhere.”


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