What’s next for Edmonds’ Waterfront Antique Mall?

With “store closing” signs appearing on the windows, readers have been asking what’s up with the Edmonds Waterfront Antique Mall, located in the former Safeway store just south of the ferry terminal. The building was bought in 2012 by Salish Crossing LLC, and has been undergoing renovations. We have heard that plans are afoot for new uses for the space, although nothing has been officially confirmed. We will keep you posted on what we learn. (Photos by Larry Vogel)



  1. Just a thought, Perrinville. There is lot’s of available square footage and the character of the structures seems ripe for an antique retailer….Plus they could use tenants.

    • It’s really too bad. With every closing of antique shops like this, we lose a bit more of history and what we came from. Few people really concern themselves with what we came from. The next generation is not going to know what quality craftsmanship really is. I just drove down here from Lynnwood, not knowing the mall was closed. I really hope it will be open soon someplace else. We don’t need another hideous new piece of construction.

    • Oh no, another big blank space. There goes my salad bar. No one has them anymore except Central Market. Will miss Top.

  2. That is a great idea Ed…I’ve noticed so many empty storefronts in Perrinville…that definitely would get more people to that little corner of Edmonds…maybe even make it the ‘antique’ center of the city?

  3. I get that people need/ want what they think is progress. It’s just sad that 200 people have to loose their livelihood for it to happen, I hope this endeavor is successful and it hasn’t been done on vein.


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