Edmonds City Council Tuesday to preview Planning Board recommendations for Westgate area development


The Edmonds City Council at its Tuesday night meeting will preview the Edmonds Planning Board’s recommendations to amend the city’s comprehensive plan, zoning code and zoning map to accommodate a new development plan for the Westgate commercial area. This is an information item; no action will be taken. A public hearing is set for Monday, Aug. 5.

The Planning Board held three public hearings during its consideration of the plan and zoning code for the Westgate commercial center. You can review documents and maps related to this proposal posted with the council agenda here.

You can also review more background in this previous article.

The council is also scheduled to:

– Hear a presentation by Northwest SEED regarding Solarize South County

–  Get an update on the city’s stormwater code

– Receive an introduction to the Critical Area Ordinance Update

– Continued discussion of a Comprehensive Plan Update

– Vote whether to confirm Mayor Dave Earling’s appointment of Patrick Doherty as the new Community Services/Economic Development Director.

– Report on July 8 City Council Committee Meetings.

– Meet in executive session regarding pending or potential litigation.

Councilmembers will also meet in executive session prior to the meeting, at 6:30 p.m., to discuss collective bargaining, with the regular meeting starting at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers, Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave. N., Edmonds.

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  1. Is this “Patrick Doherty” the same person that had/or has ties to a “real estate investment group” in California, or is the San Jose Patrick Doherty with real estate investment ties a different Patrick Doherty?

    Curious about this as it wasn’t long ago that our Mayor’s name was mistakenly on the Caldewell Banker Bain real estate web site, as “manager”, and still thinking of the $26,000 that Mayor Earling received from the National Real Estate Association in Chicago while running for office here in Edmonds.

    I guess if it is the same “Patrick Doherty” of California with “real estate investment group” ties, I would like to know the names of the other people with this real estate investment group? and HOW this name may have come to the front for our Mayor?



      1. I don’t think Patrick Doherty is the current Community and Economic Development Director for the City of Federal Way. The Federal Way Mirror recently reported that Federal Way’s Mayor Jim Ferrell announced Patrick Doherty will no longer manage the Community Development Department. Instead he will be doing some other work remotely.

        It appears that the Federal Way Mayor’s announcement was made before the Edmonds City Council voted to waive the three-interview requirement for the Director Position per Mayor Earling’s request.

        The Federal Way Mirror also has an Opinion piece authored by former Mayor of Auburn Bob Roegner titled: The Rise and Fall of Patrick Doherty / Inside Politics.

        The Opinion piece can be found easily via an internet search.



  2. Yes, I understand he works/worked for Federal Way. Here is an undated link to the City of Federal Way


    As I read down this City of Federal Way page, it appears that the Federal Way Civic Center was developed with real estate developement in

    “the Federal Way City Center has been designated a “regional center” for purposes of EB-5 Visa foreign investment, pursuant to federal regulations. The Federal Way Regional Center was created for the purposes of real estate development and is currently administered by Twin Development of Federal Way. For more information about potential EB-5 investment opportunities in the Federal Way Regional Center, feel free to contact Twin Development at 1.253.941.8946.”

    “created for the purposes of REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT”

    Patrick Doherty is listed as the “Director”.

    real estate development

    Just wondering if it is the same Patrick Doherty with real estate investment ties??…..that’s all……Seattle, Federal Way, San Jose?? just wondering if the same person



  3. Wondering if this “Twin Development, LLC” is the same as this Korean development company, as listed under Wikipedia City of Federal Way

    “Downtown tower projects

    In 2007, the city of Federal Way purchased a downtown lot formerly used by a defunct AMC Theatres cinema, and invited proposals from two developers, United Properties and Alpert Capital, to develop a multi-use tower project in the downtown core, adjacent to the recently built transit center. Such a project follows in the steps of similar multi-use developments such as Kent Station in nearby Kent. The city awarded the contract to United Properties’ “Symphony” project, comprising four 15–22 story towers including 60,000 square feet (5,600 m2) of retail and office space, 900 housing units, and a large downtown park which would be relinquished to the city. Transfer of the land to United Properties followed by construction of the first tower was scheduled to start in mid-[2008].[10] However, in July 2008, United Properties’ requested a one-year extension on the terms of the purchase agreement, citing difficulties in the credit and housing markets to acquire the necessary funds.[11] In August 2009, United suggested scrapping the Symphony plan and instead building a performing arts center on the property, a proposal the city rejected.[12]

    In September 2009 the South Korean development firm Lander Korus joined onto the project with United.[13] Korus proposed adding Asian elements to the building in order to attract investment and interest from the city’s influential Korean population and foreign investment. However, by July 2010, after having granted United and Korus five extensions to close on the project, the city transferred the deal to another Korean developer, Twin Development,[14] which had planned a similar project on another lot. The new developer brings a new design, with two 45-story and one 35-story mixed-use towers. As of 2011 the new developers have yet to close on the property, citing financing difficulties and have received the seventh extension on the land from the city, which expires in March 2011.[15] The developers are banking on the city’s recently granted EB-5 visa qualification to encourage foreign investment in exchange for permanent resident status.[16] As of February 1, 2011, this deal is also dead, as the developer failed to make a required escrow deposit by the end of January.[17]

    In 2011 the city renewed its Request For Quotes for the undeveloped site, and received three proposals. The city ultimately chose a proposal by Arcadd known as the “Crystal Palace”, a densely packed glass multi-tower structure where some of the towers bend outward near the top under 20 stories with a larger retail and public space pavilion at the base.[18] The developers, however, were unable to obtain the funds by the initial deadline. After extending the deadline eight months to allow Arcadd to obtain the necessary earnest money, and still seeing no progress, the city decided to move on with a different plan.[19] As of May 2013, plans for a downtown park and plaza complex were underway.[19]

    Wikipedia, City of Federal Way



  4. I hope this gentleman does not envision Federal Way in Edmonds and appreciates Edmonds for what it is for many that have lived here for many years. Time will tell and there are checks and balances. Willing to listen.




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