Edmonds-Woodway HS students will walk your dog for free, but there’s a catch

20140722_143154Seen this flier around town? We did, so we followed up and here’s what we learned.

Patrick Matulka with Sadie and Evan Zhao with Duke, ready to go for a walk at Hickman Park.

Patrick Matulka with Sadie and Evan Zhao with Duke, ready to go for a walk at Hickman Park.

Four Edmonds-Woodway High School students are taking advantage of the dog days of summer — literally — by offering free dog-walking services.

While the offer may sound too good to be true, the students — Evan Zhao, Patrick Matulka, Sam Palmer and Singdhi Sokpo — have a motive: They are prioritizing those with difficult circumstances or emergency needs, such as a recent injury, an unexpected family emergency or other hardship that would prevent them from giving their canine needed exercise.

The volunteer work will help the four — all incoming EWHS seniors — fulfill the creativity, action, service (CAS) requirement to receive their International Baccalaureate (IB) degrees. (Matulka said he was inspired by a friend to pursue the concept after brainstorming with her earlier this year.) As such, the seniors wanted to make sure that they provided the dog walking to those in need.

They plan to offer the service — limited to the Edmonds area — at least through August and maybe into early fall.

To request the free service, send an email to ewhsdogwalking@gmail.com. The students ask that you specify why and when you need dog walking, and how many dogs you have, so they can prioritize requests.

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  1. The email posted in the article does not seem to be working….comes back as undeliverable. Any help? Thanks.

    • Apologies – email was mistyped and has been corrected.

  2. Great idea, you kids have ‘hearts of gold’!

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