‘Fallen Heroes’ artist Michael Reagan speaks at Edmonds Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Edmonds "Noon Club" was honored to have Michael Reagan speak at the Tuesday, July 1 meeting.  Reagan is seen holding a portrait that he drew of Vincent Santinello as part of his Fallen Heroes Portrait Project. Vincent became Michael's  inspiration.  Vincent died in Michael's  arms when Michael was only 19 and serving in Vietnam.  Vincent's last word to  Michael were "I just want to go home".  Michael was able to present this portrait to members of Vincent's family .   Michael is an Edmonds Resident and a Vietnam Vet who  has drawn 3500 portraits of Fallen Heroes.  This is his passion and he draws them for free and presents them to the families.  It takes him about 5 hours to draw one portrait.   For more information check out this video which was presented this past memorial day by KingTV http://www.king5.com/news/local/Artists-portrait-brings-fallen-veteran-home-260710571.html
Michael Reagan with the portrait of Vincent Santinello.

The Rotary Club of Edmonds “Noon Club” was honored to have Edmonds resident Michael Reagan speak at the club’s Tuesday, July 1 meeting.

During the meeting, Reagan shared the portrait that he drew of Vincent Santinello, who died in the arms of the then 19-year-old Reagan when the two of them were serving in Vietnam.

Santinello’s last words were “I just want to go home.” Reagan was able to present the portrait to members of his family, and it inspired his Fallen Heroes project; he has now drawn portraits of over 3,500 fallen service members.

It takes Reagan about five hours to draw one portrait, which he does for free and presents to each service member’s family.

You can see more information via this KING-TV video here.

— Story and photo submitted by Carol Kinney, Edmonds Rotary



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