Scene in Edmonds: Mayor speaks about waterfront access at Tuesday Rotary

The "Noon" Rotary Club of Edmonds heard an informative talk from Mayor Dave Earling at their regular  meeting on Tuesday.  The most pressing topic he presented was access to the waterfront. By 2030 it is estimated 100 trains will close waterfront access 4 hours every day.   He stressed a solution needs to be found and soon.
Mayor Dave Earling was the guest speaker Tuesday at the “Noon” Rotary Club of Edmonds regular meeting. The mayor stressed that a solution needs to be found soon for access to the Edmonds waterfront, noting that by 2030 it is estimated 100 trains will pass through Edmonds daily, closing waterfront access for four hours each day. (Photo by Carol Kinney/Edmonds Rotary)


  1. How many more talks with no action? About time we involved the State of Washington on this, and should have been all along, then by now we would have a plan of action. Also what about those noisy 100 trains a day?




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