Scene in Edmonds: Ready for the parade, a day early

Members of the Margo family (from left, Amanda, Heather and Matthew), practice their parade wave after staking claim to a prime spot for viewing Friday’s Edmonds Fourth of July Parade — right on Fifth Avenue in front of Las Brisas. The forecast for the Fourth calls for near-perfect parade weather: partly cloudy, temperatures in the low 70s and zero chance of rain. (Photo by Larry Vogel)




  1. So happy we have this parade! Everyone is excited! It only happens once a year so I can see why people want to put chairs out early! Oh, I know some residents of Edmonds get up in arms about the chair situation! I’ve heard it, too. I’m focusing on the excitement with gratefulness for living here. Enjoy!!!!!

  2. So good to see their smiling faces again, so soon. Happy solar homeowners and fellow member/owners of the Edmonds Community Solar Co-op’s PV system on the Frances Anderson Center. Community spirit abounds here, and is such a great part of living in this big, small town. Happy 4th !


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