Shop Five Corners: 5 Corners Deli-Market

The deli market (Photo by Caitlin Plummer)
The 5 Corners Deli-Market (Photo by Caitlin Plummer)

As promised, we are featuring one business each day from the Five Corners neighborhood, where merchants have been impacted by a perfect storm of factors: traffic congestion related to the roundabout construction that began in mid-May, and closure in early May of the Vision Quest fitness facility. We encourage you to patronize these businesses.

5 Corners Deli-Market
8406 Bowdoin Way
Edmonds, WA 98026

What this business offers: Grocery and deli items, snacks

How they’ve been impacted in recent weeks: “There is a $500-$700 difference per day,” Owner James Keum said. “Sometimes we have no customers for one hour during the construction. We threw 30 gallons of milk away once, so now we have to buy less.”

City Public Works Director Phil Williams noted in an email Tuesday that city is trying to mitigate the construction impacts as best it can. “At the moment, all business driveways are open save two,” Williams said. “The driveways on 84th Ave. North are closed to install a very large stormwater vault in the street. That closure should extend for another 2 ½ weeks or so. All other driveways are open for business but there are delays getting through the intersection itself that affect those trying to visit businesses there just as much as those trying to just pass through.”

Flaggers are present but “can’t do too much more to help traffic wanting to leave a driveway and re-enter the street. I would hope other drivers would pay attention to the signage and not block driveways as they wait to be let through the intersection and instead allow cars waiting to enter traffic a chance to do so,” Williams added.

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