Shop Five Corners: A Brewed Awakening

From left, baristas Hannah Brenchley and Kiran Masih.

From left, baristas Hannah Brenchley and Kiran Masih.

A Brewed Awakening
8401 Bowdoin Way
Edmonds, WA 98026

What this business offers: Coffee, smoothies and baked goods

How they’ve been impacted in recent weeks: “[The number of customers] has been significantly less,” said barista Hannah Brenchley. “I’d say sometimes it’s even half of what we usually have. The shifts had to be cut down to two shifts a day instead of three, just to have less hours… There are three entrances to get into this corner, and lots of days they cut off two of them, and then it’s way slower.”


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  1. The friendly& pleasant baristas make the very best lattes! It’s worth the effort!

  2. A great local business. I’ll help keep them open!

  3. Great local coffee ! baristas always have a smile great way to start a morning.

  4. One oft pit stops during the week. Miss them while I am holidaying.

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