Shop Five Corners: Edmonds Vet Clinic

The complaint jar at Edmonds Vet Clinic. (Photo by Caitlin Plummer)

The complaint jar at Edmonds Vet Clinic. (Photo by Caitlin Plummer)

We are continuing our efforts to feature one business each day from the Five Corners neighborhood, which has been impacted by the roundabout construction.

Edmonds Vet Clinic
21111 84th Avenue West
Edmonds, WA 98026

What this business offers: Preventive care,veterinary surgery, pet dental care, laser surgery and therapy, in-house diagnostics, nutritional counseling, pet boarding and grooming, pet pharmacy services, and veterinary dermatology

“We’re busy and we want to stay that way,” says clinic manager Cindy Remick. “We’re turning it into a bit of fun. We’ll listen to anybody’s [traffic and construction] complaints for a quarter and then we’re going to donate all of the money to Homeward Pets, or [another animal charity].”

An important note for vet clinic customers: If there is an emergency, the clinic does have a plan to get them through the line quicker –clients must call the clinic when close in cases of an emergency to receive this help.

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