Spotlight on summertime business

Photo from CityData website.
Photo from CityData website.

In My Edmonds News’ quest to spotlight our readers’ favorite summertime businesses, we received a nomination for Lee Hoang, owner of Edmonds Way Automotive. Here is Karen Shiveley’s nomination notice:

“I vote for Lee Hoang owner of Edmonds Way Automotive. He fixes lawnmowers and summer is the perfect time to get one’s lawn mower serviced or repaired for a reasonable rate. His address is 23904 Edmonds Way, Edmonds 98206, phone 425.670.6700, and Bithoang@yahoo.Com. He also does basic maintenance and repair for cars.”

If you own a local summertime business – or would like to nominate one – then send an email to


  1. I second that nomination. He has helped me many times get my lawn/garden equipment going after problems. He deserves our business.

  2. And I third the nomination – I stopped in last night for a couple of surplus mower wheels to build a kayak dolly. Nice guy!


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