City: Use of Edmonds electric car charging stations accelerating

One of the city's six electric vehicle charging stations.
One of the city’s six electric vehicle charging stations.

City of Edmonds Facilities Maintenance Manager Jim Stevens provides the following update on the six public electric vehicle charging stations that the City of Edmonds installed in late 2011. (The charging stations were obtained at no cost to the City through a federal grant — part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — provided to Coulomb Industries.)

“As a condition of the grant, Coulomb provided these stations to qualified organizations which then installed and activated them. When activated, these six stations joined a nationwide network, ChargePoint, currently with more than 18,000 stations linked through its system. This system allows subscribers to locate stations and determine if they are available for use over the internet, even as a smart phone app that can tell users when a vehicle is fully charged.

From the beginning, the City’s expectation was that the use of its stations would continue growth as electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids became more common. Analysis of current usage data collected through ChargePoint bears this out. It took 23 months for these six stations to deliver enough power to vehicles that a savings of a metric ton of greenhouse gases could be claimed. Due to increasing use since that time, it has taken just 11 months for the second ton of savings to be achieved. This data provides good feedback to the City on its decision to provide public infrastructure enabling the transition to cleaner driving and the reduction of motor vehicle greenhouse gas production.”

The stations are located at the southwest corner of 6th and Main and in the corner of the Public Safety parking lot at 250 5th Ave. N. nearest Bell St.


  1. Just a further note that there are two additional station locatons. One is in the parking lot immediately on the south side of City Hall, 121 5th Ave. N, and one in the public parking area nearest the playground equipment at City Park, 600 3rd Ave. S.

    • Ron & J.Lewis, the chargers are owned by Coulomb industries. They paid for the installation (with the help of a grant from the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, aka the Obama stimulus) and also cover ongoing maintenance and electricity costs. In turn they charge customers for the use of the stations, thus recovering their costs and making a profit.

  2. The City paid for the installation in 2011, using City staff, per the terms of the agreement to accept the stations. Usually this meant connecting to existing meters to power up the stations. In the case of 6th and Main, a meter was installed that also provided the power to the new lighting on Main St. between 5th and 6th, a cost that would otherwise have been incurred on the street project there. The stations together are valued at a little over $30,000 and they came at no cost to the City.

    The City pays the PUD cost of the electricity delivered. Access of the stations by electric vehicles costs users $2/hour and the City collects its revenue from all station activity through ChargePoint. There is a yearly maintenance fee assessed by ChargePoint for connection to the network. With the current usage rates, the City is accruing a small amount of revenue. The stations also help make downtown Edmonds a destination for those with electric vehicles, and they bolster the area infrastructure supporting more widespread use of these vehicles.


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