Reminder: Economic Development Commission to receive update on Salish Crossing work Aug. 20

Artist's rendering of the Salish Crossing redevelopment.
Artist’s rendering of the Salish Crossing redevelopment.

The Edmonds Citizens Economic Development Commission (EDC) will receive an update at its Wedesday, Aug. 20 meeting regarding the status of the Salish Crossing property (formerly the Waterfront Antique Mall). The speaker will be Nick Echelbarger of Echelbarger Properties, which owns Salish Crossing.

The redevelopment is expected to be complete spring 2015.

The former Safeway space, measuring over 20,000 square feet, will be transformed into a 10,000-square-foot multi-tenant retail market in the southern half and a 10,000-square-foot regional fine art museum in the northern half. The redevelopment is expected to be complete spring 2015.

The meeting will be in the Brackett Room, third floor of City Hall at 120 5th Ave. N.,  at 6 p.m. You can find the agenda at this link.



  1. The EDC meets on Wed Aug 20 in the Bracket Room at 6pm. You can find the agenda at this link:

    You can also find the minutes for all of the past EDC meetings along with other work that has been done over the last 5 years. The public is invited and can also offer comments.

    The redevelopment of the Safeway property is exciting and you will be able to learn about it directly from the owner.

  2. Thanks, Darrol. The last paragraph of my story failed to post, with the location, so I appreciate the reminder! I just added it back in.

    • So hopefully people will read your comment above and learn that my comment was germane at the time. I can make errors on my own but this was not one of them, at the time.

  3. Hi Jenny, More than one retailer under one roof is multi-tenant retail. Retailers side by side like the existing retailers: multiple eating places, a Laundromat, etc is also multi-tenant retail. As MEN news pointed out in the article the Old Safeway/Antique Mall building is 20,000 square feet and the north half will become an art museum and the rest will be multiple retail establishments. I think of it as an indoor mini mall under one “cool looking” roof. The height will remain the same according to the plans shown above. Come to the CEDC meeting on Wed Aug 20 and learn all about it.

  4. Great Idea for this GRAND post modern architecture. I am really looking forward to the art museum. So much post modern architecture has been torn down, so it is with pleasure to see this stand and I THANK the developers that recognized the importance of this structure and its historical architectural value. The wood beams at the ceiling level are amazing. We do not see that anymore.


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